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    Jun. 10, 2001
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    Default Ticks- safely controlling

    I have pulled close to ten ticks off beagle dog (including 1 deer tick) since I found him! I was thinking of putting the spot repellent on him (like frontline/ advantix (sp)), but then when I was reading the label on one it mentioned that it shouldn't be used w/o vet recommendation for elderly and I think it said malnourished dogs. So, I opted not to purchase at this point.

    Somebody had said... just get him a flea/tick collar.

    If it was just me, I wouldn't care... but I have a 3 year old human who regularly pets pup and isn't the quickest to wash his hands.

    Is a flea tick collar safe for kids to touch and possibly touch and then put fingers in mouth? Is the spot repellent safe for 10-12 year old skinny dog? Are their any other options which are safer and work well? Rainbows & Mourning Doves Blog
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    Call the vet and see what they recommend. I wouldn't put a flea/tick collar on - they aren't effective and have caused health problems in cats and dogs before.

    I know in our rescue we always put flea control on the cats we brought in, even the emaciated ones, because excessive fleas/ticks can cause anemia but I would check with vet's office to see which one is easier on their system.

    We always used Advantage on the cats, but that's for fleas only.

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    I definitely wouldn't use anything like that if you have a child who pets the dog. I use Springtime's garlic tabs for mine and haven't had a flea or tick since I started using it.

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    Dec. 14, 2006

    Default Pulled tick off LAST NIGHT

    It's December!! And I live in an urban jungle (Northern VA): no tall grass, woods, fields, etc. Guess I'll have to use topical year-round.

    I am seeing a resurgence of flea/tick collars with performance folks....these are not the Hartz collars Walmart sells but I haven't asked what brand they are. I would not put use a collar given the kiddo is around.

    Ditto call the vet. In the meantime, groom him every time he returns from a high tick area. Bathe frequently. Feed garlic.

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    Mar. 11, 1999
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    Although not emaciated by any stretch, the ticks are terrible here and we use Frontline Plus on our Golden. Even with that applied monthly, she is getting a lot of bites. The ticks die before getting engorged, but it still isn't a great solution. I have spoken with my vet about other options, but so far he hasn't come up with anything better. Years ago there was a collar sold by vets specifically for ticks. I quit using it because Frontline was more effective, and I have reservations about flea/tick collars, and I don't know if it is still available.
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    Oct. 29, 2003
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    Get a rooster! Sorry, I know that is not practical for most, but has saved my poor Corgi and other dogs here on our small farm - 2 roosters keep the whole farm tick-free where before my poor Corgi would get LOADED with them!

    Good luck!

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    Oct. 18, 2000


    My mother's dog ended up getting Lyme disease. The vet advised using either the Preventix collar or Advantix. Frontline up here is pretty much a waste of money. If you use the Advantix, place drops along the spine from the between the shoulders to the the tail, as per directions, and it will work well. I discontinue using it only in very cold weather, and resume once the temperatures come above 35-40 degrees.

    ETA: Mr.Chief2 was walking in the brush two weeks ago, and disturbed some brush with white fluff on it. The fluff went up in the air, came down on his legs, and he says there were hundreds of deer ticks crawling up his pants. Evening temps were in the high twenties and thirties. He is on doxy as a preventative now. I have been spraying the horses with TriTech up until yesterday, when it finally got cold enough to stop. Once it goes back up in the 35-40 degrees again, I'll have to resume. I would suggest calling your vet with this safety question. He or she may have a good alternative idea.
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    We used to have a huge tick problem in Maryland...and, we all ended up with Lyme. My cocker ended up with a seizure disorder and couldn't wear the Preventic collar or use Frontline Plus (just the regular Frontline). It took a long time and several vets to figure that one out.

    We used the MaxForce Tick System, in addition to making sure we had a mulch/dirt border at least 3' wide around our yard.

    When we moved to KY, we had a bit of a tick problem, but I keep the grass mowed (no long pastures) and sprayed the perimeter every three weeks with permethrin. By the end of the summer, no more ticks spotted.

    I never let the dogs out in long grass and we don't have any wooded areas, so I don't have the worry about woodland edges (where ticks like to hang).
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    Advantix works great but you can't use it if you have cats living in the same environment (permethrin is toxic to cats).

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