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    Aug. 4, 2011

    Default Worming the Ulcer-prone horse?

    My horse had a fecal done in October that came back negative. The vet told me to give him an Equimax at the first big frost. Well, I think that day has come...

    I never had worried about ulcers before when worming, and now that I just finished healing the boy up, it's time to worm. Should I give something along with it? Ranitidine, Omeprazole etc? Or maybe just some alfalfa right before?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    i would give a probiotic and 1/2 tube of omeprazole or some ranitidine...but honestly i'd just do another fecal and if it is neg don't deworm.

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    Stomach worms wont show up on a fecal.. Last thing you want in an ulcery horses stomach is, for example, bots...

    I personally dont worry about ulcery horses and dewormer. Maybe a bit if biosponge if they get loose manure afterwards but that is rare. Equimax is pretty benign and you should deworm for tapes at least once a year (they dont show up on fecal, either, btw) and twice in the south.
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    Aug. 4, 2011


    He is already on pre & probiotics (among some herbs for his gut).. I still want to worm because my vet told me some things don't show up on the fecal. Thanks for setting my mind at ease, I just didn't want to go through what I just went through again so soon! I will just be sure to do it after he's eaten some as well and give him his reg. supps Thanks again!

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