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    Jan. 25, 2013


    The movie also has been dubbed to German and is available as DVD there. The German title is 'Reitschule des Lebens" and German and Swiss Riders gave this movie some really bad critiques. I don't care :-) I still like to watch it :-) ... Anyone has a Netflix Account and knows whether it's available the in any language? I don't have an account to check... :-)

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    May. 4, 2011
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    Yep, that's pretty much it: "poor working-class girl loses the ride on a jumper and decides to start over as a groom at a fancy, snotty dressage barn. She gets really excited about the German horses & German trainer (the movie is a Franco-German co-production after all...) and decides to ride the cool horses when the owners are away. She eventually breaks the law to be able to keep on riding". I remember seeing a documentary about it on the French horse channel last year when the movie came out and it didn't really sound that enticing. The acting isn't that good apparently and the story-line is a little dull.
    That being said, let's be honest, it's about ponies so if I come across it, I might watch it...
    But the French horse movie coming up that I am quite excited about it "Jappeloup" - about that lovely 80s jumper (sorry dressage folks!): It even has Guillaume Canet in it - how can you go wrong with that?

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    Apr. 16, 2009

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    It's on itunes as well, without subtitles.

    It is boring and unrealistic at times, but interesting enough so that I was able to finish watching it. It had a few gems (the German trainer telling the GP rider to "stop scratching her bosom with her hands" -shorten your reins) Reminded me of a well known German trainer around here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rohello View Post It even has Guillaume Canet in it - how can you go wrong with that?
    It's the same actress as in the dressage movie (Marina Hands), did you notice? Maybe if she's as bad as the COTH critics say, it's not worth it (But you bet I'll be watching it - thanks for finding this !)

    Honestly, people, my sweet bi-cultural friend who recommended the dressage movie said I might enjoy it, not that it was Oscar-worthy. It's FREE on television if you have Comcast
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    Thumbs up

    J'adore Jappeloup!
    Used to have his poster in my room as a kid in France
    Here he is at the '88 Olympics:
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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    Default Another clip from this movie

    Quote Originally Posted by BEARCAT View Post
    J'adore Jappeloup!
    Used to have his poster in my room as a kid in France
    Here he is at the '88 Olympics:
    I know - Moi aussi!!!.

    I got to see him in person out in his paddock grazing at a barn in Normandie (a northern region of France). He was not very big or spectacular but I remember that certain look in his eye. They say his sire was a Trotteur Francais - or French Trotter. He died soon after being retired at 16. He was my hero too!!

    As for the movie "Le Sport de Filles" here is a clip from a Canal+ critique session.
    GIve it some time to load and air the advert...
    For those of you who understand French - enjoy! For those who don't just fast forward to the movie clips - there are several more than in the trailer - including a horrible one of piaffe being done with draw reins!!!
    Oh well I did see alot of that in France...
    Marina Hands apparently has ridden for a number of years although from these clips she seems a little stiff on a horse with very stiff arms. Maybe dressage is not her "thang"
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