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    Default WWI fiction about a collie???

    War Horse reminded me of a book I read when I was younger about 2 collies who live on a farm, 1 goes to war with his master. They return suffering the after-effects of a gas attack. The family's aple orchard is threatened by an early Frost and the younger son saves it by burning piles of compost around the orchard.. Anyone read it?


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    I don't have the patience to scroll through the whole list, but maybe you can find the title here:
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    Is it an American book or a British one? Do you remember either of the collies' names?
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    The only Collie dog book I can think of is Lad, A Dog. Sweet book if you can find it.

    He then wrote Bruce and maybe that is the book you are thinking of. Read Lad first.

    Written by Albert Payson Terhune.

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    Albert Payson Terhune wrote a lot of collie books, including a couple about WWII. I don't remember that one offhand (I know there was one about a dog who went by himself, and came back, but I can't even remember which one it was any more.) My mom has a lot of them, and I'll try to look later.

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