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    Jul. 26, 2010

    Question Concussions, anyone? Advice & a rant.

    Ahh.. my first OT Day rant.. I think. Seriously.

    I just got back from the ER with the diagnosis of "head injury, concussion, and post-concussion syndrome". Apparently, Christmas, horses, and I just no longer mix.

    Two years ago, I decided it would be a lovely idea to ride on x-mas eve. Long story short, I ate it bigtime and wound up with a broken hip. After a good year of recovery (thereby allowing me to avoid a repeat the following year), I decided this year I would again go to the barn, but NOT ride. Instead, I would spoil the horses with treats, give them a well-deserved extra day off, and a nice long day of lolling around outside.

    What then happened, you ask?

    I slipped and fell walking out to the paddock.

    There was a slick patch of mud across the concrete drive, and I came down hard on my knees and right wrist, but DIDN'T hit my head. I got right back up, carried on to the paddock, then went inside to address my scrapes. But almost immediately I was hit with an outward head pressure, neck pain, nausea, & anxiety (which I chalked up to too much reading on here about that Ledges accident ). Cleaned stalls and heaved water buckets with moderate difficulty, but finally managed to make it home where I fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon. Though let me say, there was quite the spinning sensation when I closed my eyes! I slept through the whole night as well, but then woke up this morning (Merry X-mas to me ) dizzy beyond belief with a headache and pressure in the head & eyes that was at its worst. A strange lump had also formed at the base of my skull on the left side. At that, we made the call to visit the ER.

    In short, CT scans of both head & neck are clear, and I've been given 600mg tabs of ibuprofen to take every 8 hours, but the head & neck pressure is still WICKED with bouts of aching every so often. All they really told me was to rest for a few days and do everything sloooow, and should symptoms x, y, & z appear (which are all the things I CAME IN FOR) I should come back in immediately.

    A part of me is irate that after ALL the flying, head-first falls from 17hh in the air, something so simple & STUPID as a cartoonish slip & fall is what knocks my brain for a loop! Really?? REALLY?? The other part of me is scared to death because I've never experienced this before, and it's quite unsettling to be SO mentally incapacitated. I'm so wobbly, I feel like a drunk, and the only relief I can get is by laying flat out in bed with no pillow. Even the ER nurse said that's not normal. Usually sitting up or standing is the only thing that helps the pressure. Am I really such an anomaly? Figured I'd turn to the COTH crowd to find out.

    Can anyone share their concussion experiences with me? What feelings or sensations you had? How long it took you to feel better? Anything at all?

    Thanks so much everyone, and Merry Christmas!

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    Feb. 20, 2010
    All 'round Canadia


    There's a really good recent discussion here:

    It starts off with a sad case of a fatal accident, not a concussion, but the last pages are about concussions.

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    Feb. 28, 2006
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    I just posted in the ER rants about the worst concussion I can recall, and yours sounds a bit worse. Please go back to the doctor if any of the x, y and z reappear.
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    Mar. 21, 2005


    Have someone do neuro checks on you every 2 hours, including through the night, for 24 hrs. Check pupils for size, eveness and reactivity to light. Check hand grip - even pressure from both hands? Check ability to speak clearly, understand and follow simple commands - lift left arm, lift left leg, right leg, etc. If you fail any of these tests get to the ER immediately.
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    You do not need to hit your head to get concussion only takes a violent neck snap (whiplash) to produce the same thing. There is a huge deal with NHL, CFL, NFL etc regarding head injuries and the cost to players (mostly physical and mental) and teams (cash, crowd draw, etc) and how to prevent it. Sidney Crosby is out again with concussion syndrom and his last hit never even got close to his head but when he landed, his head snapped and he is back to not even skating now. DO go get checked out - it just ain't WORTH it not too; I know, I am left with residual problems from what we used to casually call getting one's bell rung once too often. Untreated, you could end up with such assorted things as permanent headache, balance problems, trauma induced learning disabilities and myriad other things.
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    Jan. 10, 2010


    yup, exactly what sk_pacer said.......i too have the residual effects for untreated head symptoms did not even show up for 3 months after the fall, then WHAM!..terriby symptomatic..........scans showed the extent of the damage.....

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    May. 13, 2008
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    Ugh, I'm so sorry. I had a concussion after being hit head-on by a drunk driver on the highway - about 3 years ago. The resulting symptoms have been a nightmare - some of which you've described. Are you going to have a neuro eval? It might be a good idea. My concussion actually required speech therapy, but it helped because they were able to give me specified exercises to work on my memory, concentration, and balance. Hopefully yours is much less symptomatic than mine was - they differ in severity. It stinks that something so slight as a fall can result in that. Best wishes for a fast recovery!

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