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    Default Televisions LED, LCD, Plasma?

    Our TV is about to die and we need to get a new one. We are not big TV watchers, news, weather channel, History etc. so HD is not a big consideration. What is the difference in LED, LCD and Plasma TVs? I just want something that will last and not cost me $$$$.

    Thanks, Bopper

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    I would read reviews online prior to making a purchase.

    That being said, if you don't watch a lot of sports or fast action films, a 60 hz LCD is fine. Or get a plasma -- less expensive, higher contrast (black is BLACK), and refresh is not an issue.

    JMHO -- of course, YMMV.

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    THe problem with plasma is they really hog electricity, and some can fade with age. Go to the biggest store with the biggest inventory you can find. Starting Monday there will be huge sales, and you should get a good price. The people that delivered mine also took the old ones away which can be a real problem. I ended up with LG flat screens, 32" and that works for me. I know sports fans who have tv's up to 50+ inches.
    Virtually everything is HD these days, and you can get something like I did for under $300, and even under $200. Avoid Sony Vaio (I think that's the brand of Sony) because the Sony people have admitted that if it has a problem it's cheaper to replace than to fix.

    THe independent chains like HH Gregg and others with a good inventory have better prices and the tv's are chronologically newer than the big box stores so that's where I go. Just go to the store where you can see what the picture looks like and then pick for size and price. Decide before you go shopping how big of a screen you want so you don't decide they look smaller in real life and end up with something that looks like a drive in movie screen instead of a tv.
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    LED = Today's Technology

    LCD = Yesterday's Technology

    Plasma = The Day Before Yesterday's Technology.

    LCD is the least expensive option overall.

    Plasma TV's are great if you want a large TV with a not so large price. Only buy one if you want big without spending big.

    LED allows thin sets and good picture quality with lower power usage than the other two.

    LCD is just average and what you would find in a budget TV. LED is replacing it more and more every year.
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