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    Aug. 2, 2010

    Default Bill of Sale

    Does anyone have a good bill of sale contract that they can send me?
    Or if not what should be mentiuo0ned to cut any risks in a sale.

    Thank you for any help!

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    Oct. 8, 2003


    First off - PULL BLOOD at the vetting looking for medications. Ask your vet about pulling two samples. One to run at the time of the vetting and another to freeze and hold on to in the event "something comes up". I had the unfortunate experience of buying a horse that must of been heavily medicated at the time of vetting because it and never took another sound step after I paid for it.

    Make sure your vet checks for other "goodies": like it's feet are not blocked.

    As far as the bill of sale: Seller will deliver via certified mail to buyer all of the horse's registration papers (and passport) if applicable

    Seller has informed the buyer of all known health conditions.

    Seller has capacity and full power and authority to execute and deliver and perform the bill of sale. There are no encumbrances and the seller has clear title.

    Any sales tax is the responsibility of the seller.

    That the agreement is made in ______state and be governed by the laws in that state.

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    Aug. 2, 2010


    Sorry I wrote this quickly and didn't explain well. I have a young horse that someone has tried and vetted. All is good just waiting on blood work which I know will be clean since he has never had any meds So I need a sale contract to send to her pending the blood work. IS there a written up one someone may be able to send me or what would I need to cover in the sale contract? I'm glad you mentioned the sales tax because my accountant just mentioned it to me and in the 15+ years I have been in this business (haven't sold any lately hence the no sale contract) I had never heard people ask for a sale tax and the buyer is questioning it. But it is necessary and going to happen if they want my horse! SO if anyone has a contract that they may be willing to send me it would be greatly appreciated I just want to make sure I cover all the bases that I won't have any issues in the sale.

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