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    Quote Originally Posted by stolensilver View Post
    I've been fortunate to meet Diarado in the flesh and liked him very much indeed. He has tons of presence and very good conformation. He caught my eye even when I did not know who he was.

    Added to that the people who look after him and who ride him all really like him. He's a nice horse in the stable and a nice horse to ride. He's got two very good paces, walk and canter and an OK pace which is trot. I liked his paces enough to consider using him as a dressage sire.

    He is smaller, about 16:1. He is on the light side of middleweight. He has recently had an injury, I don't know what it was but he is sound again now.

    He is a sire I'd seriously think about using because he is nicely put together and a nice person. He appears to pass both those things on so even if you don't get his incredible jump you should still get a lovely horse.
    Your assessment is spot on. This is exactly what Diarado is !

    I think he may in fact re-produce his jump sooner or later but as of his first crop of sons being hasn't shown up yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zlotych View Post
    Did you seriously write this? Have you READ your own posts? EVER?
    How ironic (and hilarious) that you sought out advice from bayhawk, and then when he gives it to you, (as bluntly as he always does), you come up with some defensive rebuttal. Those are some interesting facts!

    Merry Christmas indeed.
    Personally, while I think Cartier has a nice sentiment here, I am with Zlotych. I think one should allow ones accomplishments to speak for themself, rather than writing lengthy, flowery, self-important and self-promotional posts at every possible opportunity. But obviously I am one of the few people not drinking the Kool Aid. SHF has some nice mares and has produced a few nice foals, but until some of those horses are having success in the ring, as Reece said, it is still just a foal.

    In this example, I doubt Reece brought up QDR with SHF in mind. Not to speak for him, but I took it as a general example, not a shout out to the ever-important "custom foal contract with a European GP competitor". But all of a sudden the thread has nothing to do with the OP and everything to do with SHF's foal contract, and their all important due diligence etc etc. I imagine that if the client, GP competitor or local Joe, has the money in hand, they can breed the mare to whomever they want, and doubt they needed or asked for SHF's nod, and rightly so. Money talks and breeding is hard enough. A custom breeding would be just that, customized by the client, not the owner of the mare. Congrats on having a nice mare, many people do.

    There are countless breeders on here with vast amounts more success and experience who allow their offspring to speak for themselves. I prefer that tactic, and find the excessive, shameless bragging to be most off-putting. All one has to do to find an example is read the thread about upcoming foals that was on here a while ago. Every breeder, large and small, famous and obscure, simply lists their choices, or gives a short blurb/description. Every breeder except SHF who goes on and on about the upcoming foals and how amazing they will surely be. Pretty please tone it down. It is almost nauseating at this point. And I am certain there will be feigned astonishment. Sigh. Why do I bother.

    So you and Al truisitc are seriously rebuking SHF because they come across as educated , well spoken and well written. I'm sorry should we all stop using big words and throw in a few "ya'lls " and "ain'ts" to sate you? I would hardly call the way either of them write as flowery or self promotional. It certainly is sad if their merits as breeders ,equine professionals and human beings are questioned based on their propensity to come across as literate.

    They have every right to be excited about the fruits of their hard work just as any craftsmen should be. In any and all dealings with the entire SHF staff /family they have always been humble , kind , receptive and appreciative. A far cry from your suspect motives.
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    "I would not beleive her if her tongue came notorized"

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