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    Default Watches for riding - what features do you like?

    So I lurk on Tamarack Hill's (Denny Emerson's) FB page for the cool pictures and good advice. Today Denny posted about getting a watch and learning to use it. This is something I've been meaning to do for awhile now but putting off.

    Thanks to computers and smart phones it's been years since I wore a watch. May I please tap the collective COTH wisdom on what features are handy to have for a riding watch?

    For instance, I'm guessing one wants a leather band instead of metal just in case it gets hung up on something? Or is a velcro quick-release kind of band better?

    Do you like a timer feature that will beep when you finish that five-minute trot set?

    What else haven't I considered?
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    Jun. 18, 2011


    I´ve been killing watches for years because of beeing around horses..
    Everything wears off really fast.
    Leather looks horrible after some months because of dirt, dust and water.
    Metallbands get greasy and the glass gets scratched...

    Right now I have the first watch which looks good after 4 years of wearing it around horses (for me its like a miracle...)

    Its a ceramic watch with non scratchable glass....

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    My Timex has taken a lickin' (literally) and keeps on tickin'.

    My criteria for a barn watch include water proof/resistant, easy to read, and cheap. It takes a lot of abuse at the barn from banging into things, to getting soaked while giving pony a bath, to getting nibbled on by pony lips, etc. Also, the whole point of having a watch is knowing what time it is, so the numbers need to be easy to see and know what time it is.

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    I have an elderly Timex that is great, except battery replacement is a bugger. Was my father's watch, and I prefer that over anything else - has a light nylon band with a real buckle, and best of all, an analog face which is much easier to read than digital faces.
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    I tried to look up my watch, but couldn´t find it. The closest thing I could find was the Fossil Ceramic watch (black) If it is as tough as mine I would recommend it. Easy to read the time and nearly undestructable...

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    I use the Timex Ironman watches. They are relatively inexpensive with flexible vinyl type bands. I wouldn't do metal because it tends to catch the hair on the skin easily causing pinching.

    The Ironman has a stopwatch feature-not only great for timing trot sets, but also for cold hosing or soaking hooves for set time periods.

    I think my Timex watches usually last at least a few years before needing replacements-maybe longer.

    I also wear the watch face on the inside of my wrist. This way I don't have to twist my arm awkwardly to see the time.

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    Timex Ironman with a stop watch feature and an interval timer.

    I find the first thing that dies is the night light. But that is after several years.

    I actually prefer a metal band, as it is easier to keep clean.

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    Timex Ironman. Cheap, diehard, every feature. I've used them for years. You can set interval times, beeps, etcs. I wear them for work too (working in rivers and rocks) so they get abused and drowned regularly. I usually get about 4-5 years out of one with mega abuse.

    ETA -- I just use the plastic or velcro bands they come with.

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