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    Default Kineton noseband question

    I've been using the off season to check out Fiona's jumping rig and see if I can find a better setup. Her waterford D-ring was a life saver this year as we got her out jumping and fixed a lot of our problems with bidding and ignoring me (aka charging like a freight train and frightening just about anyone watching us). She's now able to jump a novice course and look very ladylike about it, but she HATES that bit. I use a loose noseband for dressage, but when jumping with the waterford I've had to move up to a figure eight noseband because I could actually see her tongue from the saddle when asking her to come back to me. It gets the job done, but she's not a happy mare about it.

    I want to try jumping her in a snaffle with a kineton noseband. She jumps well in a hackamore, but I lose steering and I kind of need that in stadium. Nose pressure triggers none of her fight responses. She goes very happily in a lozenge snaffle, no gaping. I want to put the two ideas together and see if she settles, now that she's learned that she can jump without charging like an idiot. The combination bits have leverage, and she doesn't respond well to that. I'll never know if I don't try, and the worst that can happen is I have some equipment to donate to the tack box for summer camp's tack lessons.

    Long essay to set the stage for this one, phew. 8 yo TB mare going novice and I'm an experienced rider with good hands, fyi.

    So which snaffle will work better with a kineton, an eggbutt or a loose ring? Or a loose ring mullen mouth? I have one of each, but I'm very confused by the physics. I sat and played with the noseband in my living room and it seemed that a loose ring would result in the bit moving up rather than the noseband coming down, but I'm not sure if that's better or not. In that equation, the loose ring's rings would just spin and the noseband would just be holding it steady (which might be the point?). I've read that it should be used with a loose ring, but it's frequently photographed with an eggbutt. A mullen mouth would prevent it from collapsing in . . . I've been drawing out force diagrams trying to figure this out. Anyone with kineton experience that can help?
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    The kineton works by holding the bit off the bars and tongue so the horse can't pull down and lock onto the bit. The reins/bit pulls the corners of the mouth and puts pressure on the nose.

    I have found that bits that have a single or no joint work best with horses that like this noseband better. The ring of the bit is going to depend how sensitive the kineton noseband set up makes your horse. If it makes her very sensitive I would opt for something that has less movement.

    You can also try the Micklem Bridle as it does almost the same thing and you can use it in dressage. Best of luck, one of mine is going fabulously in this!

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    I've used kinetons on a few horses... As said above, I like them in a non jointed bit... I've had horses go in happy mouths as well as nathes that weren't jointed. On one specific horse, I used a loose ring snaffle, and then a Dr. Bristol and she went quite well.

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