Hey Everyone,

I would love if anyone who is a Facebook user here could go onto the EquiFit Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/equifit) and like my post about 'Why my horse deserves a makeover from EquiFit.'
I would really appreciate it if you could take the time and do this! Here is my little write up about my horse and I (we were supposed to include a link to our favourite tack store):

This is my horse Verano, but we call him Dutchie at home. He is a 12 year old Dutch warmblood and the two of us compete at Third Level Dressage. Dutch is a truly incredible horse, as we have had to battle through not only my performance anxiety, but his as well. He would actually hold his breath when he was being ridden and was very, very tense. To get him to relax and start breathing we did Western for a couple months with a local cowboy, and he has improved a lot! We use the Equifit all purpose boots and I love them! We like to support our local, independent tack store http://www.victoriasaddlery.com/. Thanks!

By the way, the EquiFit all purpose boots are great. They're certainly pricey, but they have memory foam on the inside to conform to your horse's legs, and my horse doesn't get sweaty underneath of them.
I know lots of hunter/jumper riders use EquiFit boots and I seriously hope they take off with the other disciplines, because they're great!

Thank you so much for your time!