The young woman, Chastity, who rescued my wonderful TB, Fairest Riches, (photos in a COTH thread last summer) contacted me about another TB, this one from Charles Town.

Mr. Duque, 3, 15.3, raced nine times, but never hit the board.
His trainer messaged Chastity by mistake, and she went to see him. When he told her Mr. Duque was going to the sale (which Chastity says means to slaughter), she couldn't say no.

I went to see him yesterday, Sunday, Dec. 11, an took the photos and video below.

I can't take another horse. But this is a sweet guy, with a wonderful eye and great potential.

She trail rode him a few times Western. Then he got an abscess. No other lameness issues. With the cribbing strap, he doesn't crib.
She's treating the abscess but can't afford shoes for him. She's pregnant with their second child and spent nearly a thousand dollars in vet bills trying to save her reining horse. She's got two other horses and a rescued donkey on less than an acre.

Anyway, I'm thinking I would pay her the little bit for him and give him as a free lease.
He's got a wonderful, kind eye and is obviously very easy to work around.
She says he's easy to ride.
Not a made horse, he's a project for someone to bring along properly. She thinks he's fat, but he looked sort of thin to me. But he's a good mover and could be a nice horse.

I also think she might take him back (if his new leasor doesn't want to keep him) in a few years when the baby is older and her financial situation is better.

Would prefer he stay in the Virginia/Maryland area.
Please email me at
Penny Loeb