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    Default And another attire question!

    Again, I've got the opportunity, with my 13 yo daughter, to hunt as a guest, after not hunting for 15 years. We both event.

    I know not to wear the colors from my former hunt. As a guest, not a member, would my black dressage coat be acceptable, with a stock tie? Canary vest or not?

    My current showjumping coat is wildly inappropriate (glen plaid), but I'd rather not buy a new black hunt coat unless this turns out to be something I do regularly, which I won't know until I see how my event horse reacts.

    As for my daughter, she keeps growing, so I'm certainly buying her a new coat--and it'll be all black, as that is the most versatile for pony club. Does she need a vest, or can she go without? We're in the South where it's quite warm.


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    Dec. 28, 2009


    How many buttons are on your dressage coat? A hunt coat should have 3 buttons only, as 4 and 5 buttons represent something that you are not (staff, master, huntsman).

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    May. 26, 2011


    Its like anything with attire, it depends on the hunt. With us, the black dressage coat would be fine. Unless you have a scarlet coat no one is going to much care about how many buttons.

    The canary vest should be fine. I doubt anyone will care if your daughter wears one or not. We had temps in the 70's two weeks ago and I left the vest in the trailer.

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    May. 21, 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by gully's pilot View Post
    I know not to wear the colors from my former hunt.
    Maybe just have a tailor remove the colored facings off your coat's collar?

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    In any sane hunt a guest in a black dressage coat and white stock would be very welcome, but maybe cold.

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