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    Default ANOTHER horse pricing question

    Coming over from eventingland, have NO idea how to price things in the h/j world, so what would be a reasonable asking price?
    8 year old, 15.3h chestnut TB mare (yeah, I know!) 4 white sox and a blaze, who has done training level eventing (3'3"), often wins the dressage, never has rails in stadium, just not bold enough for xc. Very nice mover and pretty quiet over the fences--I can teach students on her and she'll jump around on a loose rein, but I've jumped her 4' easily. Total lapdog on the ground, a little worker bee in the ring. I haven't xrayed her but she flexes fine. No hunter experience yet but I've been told she'd be a good children's or small junior hunter.

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    It depends on whether she could be a hunter or a jumper.

    Jumpers are judged on number of rails down.

    Hunters, on the other hand, are judged on style, and are usually more valuable. To be a good hunter, your mare should jump with her knees up in her chin, and have a long, very rhythmical stride. She should do lead changes automatically, or on que, every time. She should make jumping look easy and effortless.

    If you want to know whether your mare could be a hunter, take a video of her jumping a course. Then start a new thread asking about her hunter potential (avoid $ questions). Be prepared to be flamed because a good hunter is relatively rare...

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    Since we cannot see her jump, we really can't say. Maybe taking her to a Hunter trainer and paying them for an evaluation of her potential would be worth it. Have them stick it as well to verify it is 15.3-height can be a plus or a minus.

    Least you will know if you are on the right track claiming she is a Hunter prospect.

    A few things though, I wouldn't assume she is a Junior Hunter prospect-very few really can sucessfully compete the 3'6" at A and AA rateds, it's not the height but the style, step and attractiveness. Outside of a few specific areas, unrateds rarely offer anything over 3' and have trouble filling the 3' sometimes.

    It really is not a Hunter until it gets some show mileage as a Hunter. Make it a point to hit some small shows and see how it does at 2'6" or 3'. Tell you alot and help eventual sale to get the mileage.

    You know, your buyer is going to x ray. Maybe you should think about getting a few shots done to avoid surprises and a no sale. Those can also help you adjust the price to reflect any questions.
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