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    Default Riding with Music - Help!

    O.K. I am not a tech geek by any way, shape or form. I would love, however, to be able to ride listening to some of my favorite tunes. For those of you out there who actually have a clue about all this stuff and ride using a player of some sort, please share what you use and the pros and cons. Also, the best and safest way you have found to carry it while riding. I do not have anything at the moment, so I'm a clean slate so to speak. TIA!
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    I just use my phone, easy enough! I have an android loaded with my music on it, plus slacker radio should I desire more of a random effect. No headphones since my horse likes music too, and it's in a case on my belt to keep it from flying off. Been doing this for years, works great. As a side note, my horses tastes are vastly different from mine. He likes 50s rock and roll and rap but we both like AC/DC

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    Personally, my riding experiences were so enjoyable that any soundtrack would have been a distraction. But then, I never did musical freestyle.

    I saw one of these being used several years ago.

    The sound quality wasn't that bad, considering the size of the speakers. It was beind used with a Walkman cassette player, but since it's still on the market, today's iWhatever players should have enough *omph* to drive it.
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    One of these...

    ...clipped to the waist of my breeches. Sometimes I'll run the cord of the earbuds under my jacket to keep it out of the way but I've never had much trouble with it. I love making playlists to suit different horse/human moods! It's also easy to plug it into almost any set of speakers if you'd rather listen that way.

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    If you don't have an ipod or iphone or similar to put a playlist long as you have software with the ability to 'rip' tracks from CDs (or you can download to your harddrive) and your cd drive can read/write, you can make your own mix 'tape' and then as long as there's a radio at the barn, voila!

    Have done this.

    I have a 'soundtrack' for two of the books I was working on a long time ago, too. If I was writing, I was listing to those cd's.

    Downside to using a cdplayer instead of an ipod? You can't just click it off any time you want. Upside? If you fall, you're not in danger of squashing it.
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    CD players need to be covered to keep out dust or removed from the arena between rides. Dust will kill a player's ability to read CDs.

    I use an mp3 player plugged into a little speaker case that clips onto the saddle. I got mine for $10 from Bed Bath and Beyond, and for such a cheap little thing it has pretty decent sound.

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    We have a computer speaker that sits on top of the wall. You can hear it throughout the barn. Works great and the BO's mp3 is always on it.
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    I use my iPod touch (has built in speaker) and it goes in one of those cheapie cell phone arm bands.

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    I've ridden with either an ipod touch on an armband using the speaker (no headphones) or with a stereo in the arena.
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