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    Default stall divider design

    I want to construct a stall divider for the following situation. I have HiQual stall units. There is one place in my barn that fits two stalls in a corner. I would like to put the HiQual stall fronts with a "homemade"(or custom made) divider between the two stalls. One end wil be a HiQuall unit and one will be the barn wall. I'd like for the divider to be either removeable or, preferably, hinged so that it can be folded back against the back wall safely out of the way. How can this be done safely? How high should the bottom, be above the stall mats? I certainly don't want a horses foot to be able to go under it and get caught. There is a very strong post where this divider would be, so there is something stong that it can be attached to.

    The other option I thought of is to have channels on each side and place 2 x 6's in the channels to 6 feet or so.
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    here's my recent thread, trying to find Tasia's explanation and pictures of her moveable stall divider:

    I've cut/pasted all photos and explanations in an email to my barn builder and I just think this is genius!!!
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    I have one such, we just hung the whole stall divider and it swings like a gate.
    We hung it not quite 1" over the mats, just enough to slide over them.

    We have a 80' length, 28' deep run.
    Half, 40', is a run in shed, then that first 14'x14' stall, that is open in front, the dividing stall wall with the first stall swings either way and then 2 more fully enclosed stalls.

    When we open that wall, the run in shed is now 54' long.

    Works great.
    We have been trying to paint the whole, but something else kept coming up and we didn't get to do it before it got too cold.
    I am waiting for the painting to take pictures.

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    Thanks, an inch sounds like it would work safely as long as the floor surface is firm. I can envision your design.
    I'll follow the link and read that thread - Thanks!

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