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    Default Horses with back problems, I need some advice please.

    Because my husband has a kind heart he took this horse off of a friends hands as they could no longer care for her. Bailey is a beautiful 24 year old QH mare. She is starting to show her age but is able to eat hay and a senior feed and really has no special needs. Her issue I am most concerned about...when I run my fingers down each side of her spine and get to the part where the butt of the rider would sit the muscle on the right side tenses up rock hard. She does not flinch nor raise her head from eating when I do this. She walks, trots and canters with no head bobbing lameness but moves a bit stiff. Any ideas what this may be? I have been doing some massage on it and doing belly scritches to help the back, both do not bother her. I have not spoken to my vet about it, basically as I don't see it as stand alone appointment worthy and will most likely combine it with another visit of some kind.

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    Probably some arthritic changes in the spine. My coming 24 year old is now retired because of back issues that showed up at 20.... Except if ridden, where he shows distress, you would never know he is that age.

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    Look up April Battles. She has a bunch of really neat videos on You Tube that show you how to do what she calls yoga for horses.

    My farrier went to a few of her clinics and its really interesting stuff. She does a lot of acupressure and a lot of the stuff is simple things you can learn to do yourself. If you do it wrong you really won't cause any harm.

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