Sport has a large melanoma removed from his hock in the spring, a few people followed our trials and tribulations with that.

At the same time they removed a growth at his eye. His vet wasn't concerned, so I didn't worry.

Recently I noticed a change in the other eye. It now appears that he has the same type of growth at the other eye.

In the spring they removed about 2/3 rds of his third eyelid. I didn't realize until recently they even had a third eyelid. They feel that the second eye will be similar.

He damaged his tear ducts somehow over 10 years ago before I purchased him. From what I have been reading things like this can escalate the chanced of getting the carcinoma.

In my readings it appears that this is something that can reoccur.

I am just wondering if anyone has dealt with this and if it has continued to come back.