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    Question putting weanling back with mare

    Hi everyone. Straight and to the point, I weaned my 5 month old colt from my mare. They can see each other, touch over a gate, and are housed in stalls next to each other. They are the only two I have, so totally seperating them isn't something I decided to do..for many reasons. My question is, I want to be able to turn them out together again. They've been on the no nursing since the 22 of November. Mares bag is dry, however I know stimulation from the colt can change that. Soooo.....when I reintroduce full contact, should I have them both haltered? and do a gradual event? If all seems okay, take leads off and monitor behavior ? I've got limited room, no other horses for them to hang with....etc or should I just rotate there out time and not put them back together fully from here on out? Interested in some theories and opinions. Thanks a bunch!!!!!

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    I did it - put my weanling colt back with his mom - in fact she was rebred and after the next foal was weaned went back together again once she was in foal again. They stayed together until he was a 2 yr old.

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    We have seen this done over an extended period of time and the result was a young mare that is spoiled rotten and very unresponsive to correction. Not ours, by the way.

    We used to believe strongly in keeping youngsters in age-appropriate groups but have abandoned the "Lord of the Flies" approach in favor of mixed age groups. The older mares discipline the youngsters, the youngsters still have one another for play and everyone seems happy and remains responsive. We do not put the mares that are overly aggressive with the babies in the mix - interestingly, we have found that it is frequently the mares on the bottom of the totem pole who are nastiest with the babies! Everyone needs someone to feel superior to! We also keep the mamas in different herds separate from their own babies to promote socialization.
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    If you weaned the foal in November at 5 months and he is close to a year old, no you can not put them back together unless the mare is back in foal again. He will breed her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurierace View Post
    If you weaned the foal in November at 5 months and he is close to a year old, no you can not put them back together unless the mare is back in foal again. He will breed her.
    Laurierace makes a very good point, so that would bring a couple options to mind:
    1) Do you plan on keeping both horses for a long time?

    2) If you are, do you want to have a stallion around,
    or would you rather have a gelding to ride and care for?

    If you plan on keeping both horses and want to turn them
    out together, why not cut your colt now, give them a little
    more time to adjust, then you would have no problems
    putting them together later.
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    We moved this thread here from the Help forum, which is intended for questions about the site itself. I just noticed that the thread is an older one though, that may have been bumped up recently be some since-deleted spam.

    Feel free to discuss, but be aware that it's an older thread.

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    My last year's filly is back with her mom and also with a two year old filly, and it's all good. Mom's in foal and almost due so the two youngsters don't even cozy up to her much as she does not want them to!

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    Well I certainly would geld this boy as soon as possible. He is old enough to breed his dam. As far as trying to nurse - well I've seen many mares that will kick them away but I've also had situations where a 2 yo went back on the mare to nurse and she didn't care so they had to be seperated again. Can't you find some giveaway pony to put with your boy? Having a dam and offspring together all the time isn't something we want to do if we plan to sell the weanling or when they are old enough to train. They are MUCH TOO stuck to each other.
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