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    Default Luc childeric saddle experts? (or any saddle experts!)

    I have two Childerics, one i am in the process of selling as I do not use it, and the other is my "forever" saddle.

    Now the problem I have with my forever saddle is i am worried something is "wrong" with it!!
    It is a 2003, DAC, and I purchased it second hand. I would say it has been well used but it is not damaged/worn looking. Just looks older I guess? It is not the comfiest saddle paddingwise, the seat is quite hard compared to my other one which is a 2008 DAC DGP. And the DGP also is much softer leather, it is squishy and "nice" feeling.

    The leather has surface cracking mainly on the pomel/seat area. It's not like, cracks into the leather, just the surface has a "jigsaw" appearance in the light in those two areas. There is a little bit of this aswell on the underside panels, but a long single "cracked" area, not the jigsaw type. The leather is also hard I suppose you could say, flaps are very stiff, sort of cardboard stiff? not soft and squishy like the stubben and isabell saddles I have always owned.

    I am just curious, is there something I am doing wrong with this saddle? Is it typical of these saddles/the older models? Or french saddles in general? It is very well cleaned, always conditioned every second ride, I never let sweat sit on it. What has happened to it to make it like it is and is there anyway I can make the leather the same as my squishy lovely DGP? I want to have this saddle for many more years!!

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    The old and new childerics are in different leather. The older one can be quite slippery and hard, but I just used a bit of effax conditioner on it once a week. It wears like iron though. I wouldn't worry too much about the surface cracks--but do make sure you condition the leather (not just clean it). I NEVER "clean" saddles with soap--just a damp cloth, let it dry, then effax.

    No, that leather will never be like the new leather they use. I owned an older's just how that leather's not going to break down/break might crack, but I doubt it ever softens.

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