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    Oct. 28, 2007

    Question Horse pointing toes down

    Today I saw a blue-black Percheron mix NYPD horse. His rider was still mounted. He slowly backed up to the curb and cocked his left hind up, bracing it against the curb. Then to my amazement he slowly slid his right hind up the curb, felt it and cocked it up beside the other. When done he was resting both feet against the curb, balancing his feet. Wish I had taken a picture. When done, he was standing on his "tip toes", like a ballerina, "en pointe".

    So, is this indicative of something? I am not knowledgeable enough to say anything, but am a bit concerned.

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    Oct. 18, 2011

    Default I always thought

    that was a sign of sore hocks or sore back. Just my observation - could be totally wrong.

    Hope something could be done for this horse.

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    Jul. 19, 2003


    Doesn't sound good to me Did you ask about it? My young horse rests one of his hinds like that when he's resting but not against anything and he's done it since he was a foal.

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    May. 15, 2010

    Default sore

    The fact the horse does this with both hinds points to hurting and probably hocks. Even though most lameness is in the foot itself the next most common problem is hocks. A history of what the horse has been used for (?over used) can help indicate the problem......and a horse standing like that is a problem. Percherons can have problems with soft pasterns, not uncommon to see them 'dropped', and possibly they may try to get relief by toe standing.
    One of the Parelli horses I saw at Road to the Horse stood like that, he would carefully back up to an edge and stand on his toes, he was saddled at the time and during the performance looked/traveled sore.

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    May. 30, 2006
    Little Rhody


    I don't know why but horses with DSLD will often dig holes in the dirt and stand in it with their rear hooves pointing down, toe first. Sounds like what this guy is trying to do.

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