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    Oct. 25, 2006
    Central Illinois

    Default Winter boots review - Bogs & Mountain Horse

    I LOVE Ariats boots. They fit my feet great. I am very hard on boots, am at the barn every day for 7ish hours, so they get a lot of wear.

    My last several pairs of different Ariat boots have cracked badly after about a year.

    I have never had muck boots. I was thinking if I could wear muck boots when not riding, I would save some wear and tear on my riding boots.

    I just got a pair of Bogs Tuscany High boots. OMG, they are wonderful. I have pretty high arches, so needs lots of support. They fit my feet like a glove. I normally wear 8 1/2, so ordered a 9. It was like there was a party w/every step I took from the minute I put them one. I LOVE them.

    I ordered a pair of Mountain Horse Stella Polaris Boots. They claim they will withstand a million flexes w/out cracking, that got my interest.

    They were ok, but tight around my ankle. I made the mistake of forgetting to bring a pair of my old boots w/me to the barn to give me the option of switching back if they stopped being comfortable thru out the day. So, I wore them for 7 hours the first time, which was too long. I got a blister on the outside of my ankle.

    Since then, I wore them off and on for about a week, and now, they are just fine for all day. They really did give around my ankle, but had a short "break in" period.

    I really, really like them too.

    So, two pairs of new boots, and I am very happy w/both of them. If I had to say, the Bogs are the most comfortable, probably the most comfortable boots I have EVER had. The Mountain Horse boots are very comfortable now, so again, TWO THUMBS up!!

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    Sep. 11, 2011


    OOh good to hear!!

    I love Mountain Horse boots. I had a pair of the Rimfrost Riders:

    a long time ago, and they lasted me ten years, no joke! However, when my mom tried to replace them she accidentally got the Ice Riders, and the quality of those boots was terrible. We sent them back, and I ordered the tall boots instead, not sure which ones. Didn't care for them; too bulky. So I went back to my Rimfrost ones! I think the quality has declined slightly; I'm in my first winter with them and already have a tear, where the original pair didn't have anything wrong with them until the very last winter and they finally cracked in several places.

    I LOVE those bogs! I may order a pair after hearing how much you like them!

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    Oct. 31, 2006


    See? Bogs rock!
    Hubby's size 11 feet have been stealing my size 11 womens Bogs. He makes them fit :P Time to get hubby a pair of his own!!

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    Mar. 6, 2006


    I'm getting pair of the bogs riding boots for christmas from a friend. She gets a wicked discount from work

    I've been coveting the Stellas ever since I first saw them. My High Riders have made it 5 years now and are still in impeccable shape. Bonus, Mtn. Horse boots fit my big-ish calves.

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    Oct. 25, 2006
    Central Illinois


    I rode in my Bogs today. I have the endurance western stirrups, so they have a very big pad that my foot sits on in the stirrup, so I am not too concerned about the lack of a big heel.

    I was able to even put on my spurs. I do really like my Mountain Horse and will continue to ride in them, BUT.... these Bogs are just soooo wonderful.

    I may just wear them on days that I am only planning on doing light riding, and keep my Mountain Horse boots for the other days.

    YES, I am totally agreement. Bogs just totally ROCK.

    I ran to TSC to get some more beet pulp. They sell the brand, Muck Boots, which is one that I was considering at the very beginning. I tried on a Womans size 9. They were heavy and clanky, did not really like them at all.

    The difference is the Bogs are really light, and they "hold" onto your foot by the top of your foot. Have a lot of room around your ankle. If you lift your foot, the boot comes w/you the same.

    These Muck boots didnt. I lifted my foot, and it was a delay until the boot lifted, was like my foot was swimming in them, altho it seemed like it wasnt too big for my foot. Not sure the size 8 would allow enough room for my foot.

    They were just bigger inside the boot. I could NOT be happier w/my Bogs!! Again, I dont want to be negative about my Mountain Horse boots, I do LIKE them a lot, but LOVE the Bogs!!

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    May. 17, 2009

    Default Bogs boots on sale today only! Smartpak

    Day 7 of Smartpak's 12 days of Christmas deals.
    20% of Bogs boots.

    Awesome! Love, love, love them!

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