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    Default Bandaging a Cut on the Coronary

    Need a little advice. Horse cut himself in turnout yesterday, its a small cut on the conary band. Its very shallow, more of a "surface" wound. It is probably 1/3" long. It does not extend onto the rest of the hoof or into the flesh above it. It is not warm, no swelling around it and it is not affecting soundness. Yesterday I found it when washing off some mud on his legs. I scrubbed it with betadine/water before and after I rode. He was in stall last night and will be turned out during the day. I also am planning to show on Sunday. Is there a way you would suggest bandaging this? Also would you put anything on it(sort of the way you would pack an abscess)? Thanks!

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    If it were me, I wouldnt bandage. I would leave it be and just keep an eye on it.
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    i wouldnt bandage, just put goo on it. some stuff like seashores scratches meds will make like a seal, that would maybe be useful, esp if your horse is grey, otherwise i'd just treat it like any other superficial cut and just put some goo on it (like furazone or something)

    mine did this when he was playing and it just cleaned it and put some medicine on it. the first cut towards the hoof is the one on the coronary band, you can tell where he tore some off:

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    Just clean it up and spray some AluSpray or any type of aerosol bandage on it. It will be fine.

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    Ditto- don't bandage, just put some aluspray on.

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    Agree with above and maybe throw a bell boot over it so he can't grab the same place while its healing unless the bell boot would rub it.
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