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    Default Resume help for an equestrian job

    I'm applying for an administrative job in an equestrian company. Can anyone give me tips on things I should highlight in my resume as far as it being "horse related." The job would be mostly doing office admin work, but they want someone that "knows horses." I have never worked in an equestrian company - but have professionally groomed, shown IHSA, owned my H/J horses, etc... Should I highlight/create and "equestrian" section in my resume to convince the company that although I posses the required professional admin skills, I also have the required equestrian knowledge (even though it's mostly based on my own personal - not professional - accomplishments)?

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    I have two resumes—an equestrian resume and a professional resume. I would say in your case (a position that requires both skills), I'd try to put some of those things on your resume if you can still keep it under one page. If not, are you sending along a cover letter too? A cover letter is a great opportunity to explain something like that.

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