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    Default Alfalfa pellets vs. cubes

    Can we talk about the pros and cons about feeding either of these? I have never fed either but I have a boarder that brought out a bag of pellets with instructions to feed one cup daily with grain. That does not seem like enough to do a darn thing to me, but maybe I am wrong? That seems like just a handful of alfalfa. How much should one feed to help weight gain? Would pellets or cubes be better for weight gain and how much should be fed? There were no directions on the bag. One horse is a QH that needs about 40 lbs and one is a clydesdale/tb that needs maybe only 20-30 lbs. TIA!

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    I don't think it would make any difference from a weight gain perspective whether you fed the pellets of the cubes--it's just squished (and concentrated) alfalfa in either case.

    I find the pellets easier to deal with, the cubes are too big and too hard and need soaking, and scare me a bit, the pellets, not so much--though everything I feed gets water added anyway. I add about a pound a day--probably 4 cups--to everyone's feed at this time of year to give them a bit more to chew on and to help keep the weight on.

    A cup doesn't sound like enough, if she really means an 8oz cup.

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    No a cup would not be much in the way of calories to help with weight gain. Perhaps she has other reasons for adding it to the grain (natural buffering of alfalfa for example). Or as a feel good food offering to her horse.

    Cubes would be considered a hay substitute as the cubes still meet long stem coarse fiber. Pellets would be considered a hay stretcher and while still providing fiber but would not meet the coarse fiber rule.

    I use pellets on my hard keeper. He tends to be a bit of a picker at hay. While fatties are inhaling hay he slowly munches. So at night he get a big bucket of alfalfa pellets beet pulp, with some grain added. This is coated in oil and wet molasses. By morning his feed is gone plus a flake or 2 of hay is gone. He picks at it all night and he is ready to go munch away at hay all day with the herd. But I am not using a cup...I use a heaping scoop. Weighs roughly 3.5 lbs of alfalfa pellets.

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