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    Default 65 Quarter Horses in TX Need Homes - Racing lines, well-bred, possible abuse/neglect

    I haven't seen this here yet, and a search didn't turn it up, so...

    There are 65 Quarter Horses available in Texas, apparently as free giveaways, contact the Brazos County sherriff's office.

    I got an email from someone in that area, and she said that the guy has very good bloodlines on his horses, he bred for racing, and that his horses did some winning.
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    Wow. Poor horses, poor him. Looks like a typical, well-meaning hoarder, that got in over his head. I can't imagine at that age trying to look after that many horses. Looks like he has a big facility though.

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    84 years old and 65 horses? At least he was smart enough to have surrendered the few and plans on giving away and/or selling the rest. He is in a good location (near Texas A&M, and central to Dallas/Houston/Austin) and if his bloodlines are good, they will probably all have homes very soon.

    I'm sure it was a very rough last summer for this old-timer who had 70 years of racing memories. Sounds like he knows its time to hang up the hat and retire.

    Thanks for posting.

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    For anyone going to get the horses - most are unhandled/unhalterbroke/pretty wild.

    If you have time to work with some, though, then they are supposed to be very well bred.
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