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    Default Have you ever made a yearling-sized creep feeder?

    My "winter boarder" is the big, strapping long yearling that was born here the summer before last. He's growing like a weed and takes a lot of "fuel". Problem is, my horses are out 24/7 and not stalled, and the boss mare would very much like to eat his large breakfast and supper. So would the Shetland, although she's easily thwarted by hanging a feed tub up high.

    I was thinking of putting up a yearling-height barricade on one of the stalls so he could go in and out and eat his supper unmolested. The pony could get in there too, but the elevated feed tub would keep her from glomming his food.

    This boy is about 14.2hh, and the big mare is 16hands. Think this is do-able? Currently I will use just a covered chain stall guard to keep the big horses out of the stalls, and the pony can scoot under there easily and safely. If I put one at a suitable height, do you think that would work as a Hungry Mare Blocker?
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    It depends on how clever BBM is, and whether yearling will go under...

    My older gelding, about 16 hands, is not above playing "limbo" with those guards. He will stick his front legs under the guard, slide his neck through, then bend his knees and lean forward long and low until he slides his rump out. He is very enterprising.

    His predecessor would have died of starvation before he figured out such a trick, so your idea would have been fine for that one.

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