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    Dec. 21, 2008
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    Default Winter Gloves

    Hi All!

    Looking for any suggestions or advice on winter gloves! I'm looking more for gloves to wear tacking up/untacking and working around the barn rather than riding. We have an indoor and I tend to get plenty warm when I ride (thank you underarmour!) so I'm more looking for gloves to put on before and after I ride to keep my hands warm when I'm cleaning tack and grooming. So waterproof and not too bulky would be ideal.

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    Oct. 4, 2011


    These gloves aren't waterproof but they are pretty warm and you can ride in them (not super effective as they are bulkier than most riding gloves but...)

    SSG Gloves

    I am interested to see what others say though.
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    Sep. 28, 2008


    I have two pairs of Under Armour gloves. I think one pair is technically a football glove? But they are fleece lined, have a very grippy palm and not bulky at all. I love to ride in them, very warm.

    Last winter I picked up a heavier pair of Under Armour gloves which are a little bit bulkier, I think they are "cold gear" gloves, but they have this nifty little zipper pocket for inserting hand warmers on the top of the glove, so it goes right over the back of your hand. Absolutely amazing. I bought them for when I worked around the barn but they work fine for me to ride in also.

    Neither are waterpoof but I never really had a problem with the second pair even when I was doing waters in the winter.

    I warn you - once you wear the gloves with the little hand warmers in the little pockets, you will never go back.

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    Oct. 24, 2010


    I have the Roeckl winter gloves. Grippy on the palm, made of some nylon material. Soo warm and they don't look bad, either. I even show in them.
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    Jul. 22, 2008


    I have these:

    They're fairly warm, are waterproof, and you can ride in them too. They are a bit bulky but I'm able to do most barn chores with them on.

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    Jan. 18, 2010


    I have these:
    as well as the ones hequestrian posted. I like them both, the Winter Ranchers are thicker though. I both ride and do barn work in either of them.

    To make them totally waterproof, I wear latex gloves on top lol

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