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    Default Titanium Bit Advertisement

    A few minutes ago, in my sidebar here, there was an advertisement for Titanium bits. Of course I didn't click on it, and now it won't come up again. Anyone have the website?

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    I have no problem with titanium bits, but not PINK! As if we don't have enough tasteless people out there, now we have just given them one more eyesore.

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    Also, you can rent here!

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    I would be very wary of titanium bits. Titanium is notorious for what is called stress crack corrosion (don't let their advertising fool you, there are some very obvious lies in the ad pertaining to titanium). I have seen quite a few titanium alloys fail in simulated body solutions as well as in the body (e.g. knees, hips, screws, etc.). Titanium alloys used in the oral environment tend to shatter as the result of hydrogen and oxygen embrittlement.

    False points in the ad:

    Titanium is not antibacterial.
    The statement "Strong ionization potential and electro semi conduction qualities" is completely opposite of "Corrosion resistant" unless the metal is completely passivated.
    Uh, low heat conduction? It is a metal. Titanium conducts heat VERY well, thank you.

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    "No Maintenance, clean with soap and water"

    I don't get it...what else would you do with any other metal bit? What "maintenance" do bits need?

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