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    Jan. 12, 2008
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    Default New cat name ideas!

    Ok, so just about 2 months since Domino crossed the rainbow bridge and hubby & decided our other male cat needed a new buddy. We couldn't get a female since my old girl (15) hates other female cats and we want to keep our first pets' wishes per say.
    We decided on a slightly older kitty (4) instead of a young 1yr old that was gosh darn cute but probably would annoy the older cat. Now, he needs a new name!!/media/set...0772780&type=3
    we're the only cat adoption pic posted this weekend.

    REYES is his current name. Siamese or Ragdoll mix or both?! Taking suggestions! we have come up with:
    Boots (for our son who loves Dora & Boots)
    Yoda (hubby was watching Star Wars today)

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    Dec. 1, 1999
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    Default went thru the pix,

    saw a LOT of dogs and a few cats, but nothing that looked like a Ragdoll. Best names are when they name themselves. I was gonna name my last one Simba from the Lion King, but I let him be himself, and he became the endearing Malarkey. Rumpus, Rumpole [of the Bailey] and Rufus are cute names too.
    Give him some time and see if anything just comes to your mind.
    Another killer of threads

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    Jan. 12, 2008
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    Yeah, we are like #10 in the wall photos album....He is a shorthair, so can't be pure ragdoll but has the coloring and size for it.

    I want to give it time but hubby is wanting a name yesterday LOL. He is also really trying to push the integration with the other pets where I know a cat will take a bit to get used to all the dogs and the other cats around!

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