I am a new dog owner so if this is a stupid/silly question, I'm sorry!!!

My dog has a zit/wart/bump thing between what would be her ring finger and pinky finger. The groomer pointed it out (and called it a wart) about 10-14 days ago. At first it was not bothering Bailey at all so we just let if be. Then it started to get bigger and bigger. I called the vet and they said if its not bothering her she can wait until next week to come in. (I had called the day before Thanksgiving). The next day she was itching/licking at it and it was bugging her a little. We vet wrapped it with gauze and put a little antibiotic ointment on it. The wrap only lasted about an hour until it fell off. On Saturday she was outside playing frisbee and it looks like it popped? When she came in it was much smaller and had some dried blood on it. Bailey still does not like when you touch it but besides that she has been acting normal, isn't limping, still eating/drinking, playing, etc.

I can try and take a picture if that would help.

thanks so much!

** I do have an appointment with the vet for Wednesday (11/30) morning