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    Default Dog Blankets

    I am having trouble finding a blanket for our new dog. We think she is a Poodle Chihuaha mix )found on the side of the road). The blanket would be for our evening walk because she gets uncomfortable (trembling) in the cold. I am having a hard time finding something that fits. I tried the pet store blankets and sweaters but her size seems to be just a little over a small and under a medium. I was thinking of ordering a horse blanket type but was not sure about it. She has to wear a harness to walk and I was not sure if it would work with this type of blanket.

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    Try the Weatherbeeta dog blankets - I have quite a few of them and they work/fit great. You can fit a harness over them - I've done that without a problem. I like these blankets much more than the sweater types as they aren't as restricting and keep them warmer .
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    Default Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

    These are awesome coats - many different styles. They have good sizing information, and some styles have a harness built in.
    Our JRT has had a plaid turnout for the last 9 years and it's still going strong! She loves it...

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    Petstore coats are worthless. I just posted three links to a online shopping thread. I don't feel like posting em again (I've posted them all before ).

    Bare Paws Crestie Rescue, Smartpak, Hatz for Bratz, K9Apparel in ascending order of expense .

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    I like the coats from SmartPak & Schneiders ( and have several from both places.

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    I have ordered from smart pak and dover and had good luck with both

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