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    Feb. 21, 2009

    Default cruel foods

    for those of you who still like that tasty foie gras .. why I wont eat it. If the AVMA report on force feeding ducks and geese I posted in the other food thread was not enough This is NOT an exageration it is how it is done. From a chef....
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    May. 15, 2009
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    How many people actually eat foi gras day to day?
    Yes it is very cruel.

    Then again I have this one PITA goose running around our yard the loves to bite people that is changing my opinion daily...
    (I kid! I kid!)
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    Feb. 20, 2010
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    Oh man, I had the most amazing foie gras at Au Pied de Cochon earlier this month. The restaurant specializes in it, and was featured on Bourdain's "No Reservations":

    Uhhh, I normally try not to be cruel. I buy free-range eggs and local happily pastured grass-fed beef from the farmer's market. But, um. Delicious.

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