I like the idea of a better patent system in this country. It's very expensive and quite a lot of work to take an idea that one may think of and try to bring it to market. Couldn't this system be improved to make it so people who come up with ideas that may actually have marketing potential can at least manage to get a patent on their idea with out going bankrupt through the process.

Imagine this idea as a solution for the patent system.

The government could create a patent protection system where infringement is enforced by the government and not by the creator of the idea.

Then the government could create a computer system where people could enter their ideas along with the usual required written description of the ideas, and the moment someone enters there idea into this system, they pay a small fee, and this then acts as a disclosure document to prove who created the idea, and when the idea was created.

The government would then allow access to this data base of inventions to individuals, companies, and venture capital groups, who pass a background check mandated by the government to access this pool of "pending" patent data.

The idea would be that it would function sort of like a dating site for inventors and manufacturers to enable manufacturers to find ideas that they may be interested in producing, and to give those inventors who normally would not have been able to give their idea exposure, the chance of being acquired and produced.

The key to making this idea work, is that all of the ideas in this database would be protected by the government itself, and to steal an idea from this source would be a felony offense, and the government would handle all the legal proceedings to defend the idea for the benefit of the inventor and the manufactures.

I'm just thinking if an idea like that were possible it might create a huge surge of innovation that could propel us out of this economic crisis rather quickly.