I just got an email from Dogwise that the following books are going to be 40% off. Those of you with an interest in training or behavior, might be interested.


Positive Perspectives 2 by Pat Miller.

Right on Target by Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith.

Annie on Dogs by the late Anne Rogers Clark.

The Wild Canids edited by Michael Fox.

Dog Friendly Gardens by Cheryl Smith.

The Clicked Retriever by Lana Mitchell.

What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines by Catherine O'Driscoll.

Mindful Dog Training by Claudeen McAuliffe.

Bringing Light to Shadow by Pam Dennison.

History and Management of the Mastiff by Elizabeth Baxter and Patricia Hoffman.

Dog Detectives by Kat Albrecht.

The Dog Trainer's Resource 2 edited by Mychelle Blake

Visiting the Dog Park by Cheryl Smith

Dog Breeders Professional Secrets by Sylvia Smart