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    Default Victorian Home Tour

    Well, hubby and I decided to open our home for the annual Victorian Home Tour in our little town. It was a LOT LOT LOT of work! But at least I got things done I had been meaning to since we moved in. On the back porch I have a corner bakers rack with shelves made out of metal wires instead of being solid. I have all my ribbons hanging on it - like probably over 75. It does look pretty neat. I had so many folks come see me and to ask about it and 'talk horse'! It was great and I met some really sweet people! I didn't expect anyone to be interested, but was pleasantly suprised. I'm glad we did it, or I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet these folks. 'We' are out there, more than you think 'we' are!
    Some days the best thing about my job is that the chair spins.

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    What, no photo of your house or the bakers rack ribbon display? :-) It all sounds good. I love Victorians. How nice for you to have a reason to get things done, esp before the holidays, and meet some horsey people as well.
    Hmmmm, maybe I should think about this for my house of no discernible there such a thing as an Architectural Mish-mash Tour? On second thought, I'd frighten people with my "horsey" displays: horseshoeing bills ($), show association renewal forms ($$), vet bills ($$$) lying around, outgrown kids horsey clothes and boots ($$$$) gathering dust awaiting trip to consignment shop, a broken bridle slung on a chair ($), tack trunk in the garage filled with weird old stuff that cost $$ and is now worthless, assorted barn kitties and dogs acquired/rescued from barn surroundings who have chewed, clawed and otherwise "decorated" the furniture ($$$$). And did I mention instead of smelling pine-fresh, the house has a faint odor eau de Stable? Well, I guess I'll go visit other people's houses this season instead. LOL (wish I could figure out how to insert a smilie here)

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