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    Jun. 18, 2007

    Default Has Anybody Tried Magic Jack?

    Well? Sounds like such a good deal, $19.95 for a year of full phone service, that I'm a little suspicious. Does it really work?

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    Sep. 13, 2008


    My daughter had it until she took a bundle deal for tv and internet as well as phone. It worked fine. The only thing was this. They give you a list of numbers with different area codes to choose from. We live in Vermont and there were no Vermont area codes. So she picked a RI one which then worked well as her sister lives there and she could then call and it was not long distance to Vermont. It was a pain in the ass to have to dial so many numbers to call 16 miles up the road but otherwise, it worked fine.

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    yes it works.
    however, friends of ours had it, and when they called they seemed to wig out a lot. So yeah it works but you don't want to relay sensitive information with it, you might lose a few key pieces.
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    I use it and it's pretty good, it depends on your bandwidth though. The call quality isn't as good as a land line but I'm in Canada for a few months and I have a US number so my fiance can call me without getting charged long distance. Oh and it will cut you off at 90 minutes unless you are calling another magic jack, you just have to wait a few minutes and call back.
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    Jul. 26, 2008


    My brother is stationed in Crete, so he got Magic Jack and it serves it's purpose. Not the best call quality, but it's convenient.

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    May. 11, 2004


    Had it, worked ok , until it kept dropping calls worse tham any cell phone I have ever used... then it got to whereI had to make hte same call 3 or 4 times to get a connection I and the reciever could hear.. Took hammer to it sent it back to company.. Oh yeah no human customer service but there is one when you want to reup your service.. Will never go there again..
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    Feb. 22, 2007


    Another one you might want to look into is Skype. I have my business number through them because I've moved around so much (nothing sketchy, just rental farms and gradually trading up ) and it's a nice compromise between a landline but without worrying about having to switch it. They have good customer service and most reviews I've read say better call quality than Magic Jack. It's a little more expensive at like $20 every 3 months or so ($12 for the online number, $8 for unlimited credit so you can call anywhere IIRC) but for me it's worth it. No extra equipment and easily forwards to your cell phone too.

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    Aug. 25, 2008


    I use Skype as well - I find the call quality much better, especially with a dedicated cable line (rather than wireless). I love the video call features, as well. My sister and I talk frequently on it. It's cheap if you're doing a skype-to-skype call, too.

    I also use it for student conferencing (have to be careful of student privacy with that but I have a form they sign at the beginning of the semester if they want to participate). I use it in or Adobe connect to share my screen, and they love that feature.

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