Bad rescue story.

A few years ago, I rehomed a project pony named Raven with bad kissing spine with a contract and checked references to a very nice lifetime home in Virginia. The contract stated she should not be ridden or rehomed (without my first refusal). After two years, the woman wanted her gone suddenly--asked if I could take her--I could not--I am absolutely full. The woman is active in rescue, I assumed she would find an appropriate caring, long term home.

She did not.

Within a few days, Raven was sent to a trainer calling himself a rescue--someone named Todd in Winchester, VA who "rehomed" or sold her to an older man PA who apparently "wanted to breed her." When I heard this is where she ended up--I immediately tried to get in touch with the new "owner" to keep up with Raven and assure she's safe. Spoke to Todd the trainer a few times who claims he has lost this man's number. Months of trying to find the contact, he will no longer respond. I've even offered him $ to give me the phone number, hoping that might inspire him. I fear the worst for Raven.

Raven is about 12 years old, bay, 14.2 Connemara X mare. White star. Sweet but can be distrustful and defensive after many years of cowboys trying to ride her with her bad back. It's because she's not kid safe or very easy that I worry...very much.

Just trying to track her down to hopefully find out she's OK. I have kept all my horses for life and thought I was safe in finding Raven in a good home.

Do these names sound familiar to anyone?

Trainer/rescue "Todd" in Winchester, VA and the supposed new owner is Leon Parker in McConnellsburg, PA.

I hate to name names on a public forum, but I can't find anything via Google or through the woman who got rid of Raven.