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    I live by myself on a farm without any neighbors but I am only 6 miles from town. My closest neighbor is a mile away and you can not see my house from the road. I have a gravel driveway.
    Story #1.
    Pulled into my driveway to find a compact car parked about 100yds into the property. Locate the occupants. They are laying on a blanket making out in my hay field. Apparently they were from the city and thought my farm was a public park despite the farm sign and no trespassing signs.

    Story #2
    Arrived home from the movies to find an explorer about 200yrds down my driveway. I honk the horn. The occupants of the vehicle are in the back seat trying to get dressed. (this is the 4th couple I have now come across)

    Story #3
    Arrive home to find strange man with a dog. He apparently knew someone I knew heard I had dogs, and found out where I lived. Complete Stranger to me. Thought we could go for a hike. NO!

    Story #4
    Discovered random people out petting my horses and goats. They thought my farm was a public stable/petting zoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MardiGrasTimeStable View Post
    I guess you COULD be glad he didnt just walk out to "check who was at the barn"
    Hehehe! Thankfully, we're pretty 'vanilla' parkers, just like drinking a couple beers and listening to music. When my mother told him it was us he was very relieved he didn't come look though!
    It's a small world -- unless you gotta walk home.

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    Funny thread. Naked man with elderly woman sounds likes Alzheimer's or dementia. Amazing how even in that state people still love horses. Says something nice about horses and the man. Nice he had someone who cared for him too.
    This thread makes me appreciate Bo/bm even more, because they are the ones on the front line, making the horse world accessible to everyone ( if it's a public stable). And I've seen my BOs take on the first-horse owners. They take them on, have patience and educate TACTFULLY. So, all you BOs/ BMs who are friendly, patient and willing to smile ( when you could be rolling your eyes) - thank you!

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    I am reminded of the scene in Roadhouse where Patrick Swayze tells his fellow bouncers to "Be nice." Or, to put it another way, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    Other than some wasted feed, no harm was done. The guy may be nosey but he also seems concerned about your horses and your place. With a little nicety and some coaching he could be a great help. Personally, I think its great he called the OP's folks about the strange truck at the barn. Yes, it turned out that it was the OP but it could have been some one breaking in or up to mischief.

    I think if you have horses and rental property on the same piece of ground, it would behoove you when interviewing the tenants to explain some basic horsekeeping to them. I would also give them a tour and introduce them to the horses. Things like, this is Diamond, he's a bit grumpy so its best to stay away as he might bite or kick if he's in a bad mood or Blaze is on a special diet, she gets sick if she eats too much. Be firm but friendly. Who knows they may turn out to be back up horse tenders or call the fire dept. when the barn's on fire. The same applies when you live amongst non-horsey neighbors. Yes, there are jerks and you have to deal with them accordingly but most people are just nice, curious folks who can be educated in a friendly manner.

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