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    Default Help me make my goat friendly!

    Mr. BET bought me 2 fainting goats a month ago. One is 3 years old (Pancakes) and she came with a 3 month old kid (Waffles). Pancakes is super friendly, loves attention, etc. Waffles had not been handled at all before we got her home. She will come when called, follow me around, and jump up on my lap - as long as I don't touch her! As soon as I make an attempt to reach out she darts away but will come right back. I've been working on approach and retreat methods and treats multiple times a day, but neither seem to be working. I don't know much about goat behavior and have no idea how to go about working with her. Am I destined to always have to deal with this or is there a better way to go about trying to get her friendly?
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    I have no advice but would like to say that i am incredibly jealous.

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    get HER to touch YOU. Require a nose bump to your hand or her chin resting very briefly in your palm before handing over the treat. Then begin to work on duration....count 1/treat, count 1 & 2/treat, count 1&2&3/treat....etc.

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    Raisins! Goat crack.

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    One of my goats was like that at first. I just spent a lot of time sitting out with him, giving the friendly one lots of scritches and giving them both lots of treats. Once he got really comfortable taking the treats from my hand I would make him touch me first like threedogpack suggested. Then when he started doing that I moved onto reaching out to scratch his horns with my other hand while he took a treat from me. Our big breakthrough came in the spring when he was shedding and got really itchy. He discovered that scratches feel reeaaallllyyyy good when you're shedding! Now he's pretty darn friendly and lets me handle him most of the time, though sometimes if I startle him he gets a little skittish for a few minutes until he settles down.

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    athough they are larger, i handed goats much the same way as semi feral barn and forced lovies......

    i just hold tight , offering food, when the food is gone, the brushing,petting, scratchies begin, til they relax.........once they are relaxed, loosen hold, keep lovies going, and they "get" it pretty quickly

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