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    Default I've never seen this before - ideas?

    A bit of history. About 6 months ago now DH found an (approximately) 3 yo silkie terrer wandering on the side of road, picked it up to prevent it getting hit (or eaten by coyotes) and brought him home, called owners who said they didn't want him (grrrrr) so long story short - he lives with us and our other 3 house dogs now. Absolutely the most loving little thing you've ever seen - bar none.

    Now to my tale of woe. About 3 weeks ago, I started finding little poop balls in odd places. Not being able to definitively trace them to a specific dog, I, of course couldn't counter, reprimand, or what not so I'd just clean them up. However turns out that they're Duke's. He's NOT pooping in the house on purpose - he goes out and does his business, but any time he lays in one spot for a while, he just....poops. No straining, no moving around, no getting up. I don't think he even wakes up if he's asleep. but there will be anything from a single little poop ball to a small pile behind him when he gets up (just like regular poop - not diarrhea, that I could understand). Now I've had dogs that lost control of their bladder because of age or kidney issues, but this is an absolute first for me. I'm going to get him to the vet to have him checked out, but does anyone have any ideas?
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    Yep. My male Doberman would do that in his sleep (or sometimes not sleeping but just laying in his bed) when he got to be around 12 years old. Nothing to be done, just getting old. Obviously you can't reprimand them. I could tell he felt bad if it happened when he was awake...when he was asleep I would just pick up and he never knew. Of course you said yours is only 3 so ???

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    Some online information:

    It might be that he had a bad case of worms due to lack of care from his prior owners, that caused some issues for him. I say that based on this paragraph from the link above.

    Parasitic infection is another aspect that can contribute to fecal incontinence. When intestinal parasites cause an excessive amount of diarrhea over a prolonged period of time, it can cause significant destruction to the muscles in the rectum, which eventually leads to fecal incontinence. Likewise, worms and parasites also have the ability to eat away at the sphincter muscle, making it inefficient at letting a dog know when he needs to defecate.
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    my dad's Boston used to do this. I did not like her sleeping in my bed because of it.

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    Oh, the poor pup! I don't have any experience with this, I certainly hope your vet can help you!

    Post an update when you learn something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vtdobes View Post
    Yep. My male Doberman would do that in his sleep (or sometimes not sleeping but just laying in his bed) when he got to be around 12 years old. Nothing to be done, just getting old.
    This happens to my Big Black Hairy Dog, too. He's 12 1/2 now. It's not his fault - he just can't help it, so I just clean up after him. He still sleeps on the bed - I just put a whelping box liner in his spot, so if he has an accident, it goes on the pad, not the comforter. The pads are VERY washable and I have yet to have any mess go through one of them. (Link to the kind of pads I'm using: )

    Maybe you could do something similar with your little guy - encourage him to rest in a specific spot (maybe give him a bed of his own there) and put a liner on it, so that if he does have an accident, it's easy to clean up. (If it's a good solid poop, you don't even have to wash the liner every time.)

    Best of luck with your little guy! (It sounds like he's a pretty lucky little guy, since he found his way to you!)

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    Poor little guy. Would doggie diapers help?

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    I've had 2 dogs with spinal degeneration that did that. Pain meds seemed to help. Can you get the dog checked for any back or spine issues? Chiro might be worth trying.
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