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    Default Help: Advice on long-distance broodmare-in-foal ownership/what 2 do 4 weaning

    Hopefully some people on here have had experience and can give some advice in owning a broodmare that was sent to live far away.

    Right now my mare is about 6 hours away and its killing me!! Its the best option for her right now, as I moved to an area that, as far as I know, has NO good breeding facilities. Therefore, I had to send her somewhere where she would be in good hands.

    Heres my real issue: I just found out that my husband and I still may be stuck here longer than we planned. We were hoping to have been moved and settled somewhere else by the end of her term but now theres a good chance we won't. Therefore, I may need to keep her longer where shes at. That would mean I would have to pay the breeder to start working with the baby.

    My questions are:
    How much should I expect to pay to start handling the baby and teaching it basic ground mannners?

    How often should I expect or pay the breeder to handle it?

    Would it be a better idea for me to move my mare to another facility come weaning time? (Obviously, my mare knows how to trailer but the baby wouldn't know). Or do some people teach a baby to haul specifically for moving it away from mom, when weaning?

    Note: I should mention this is only my second foal. (Hence the newbie questions!) The first I didn't have to worry about moving around!

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    We handle the foals several times per day as part of the normal farm routine ie lead to the field, lead back in for feeding, then back out etc. That is included in the daily rate and is probably enough to keep the foal from becoming feral without actually paying for extra handling/training. We do way more than that with our foals as they stand to be groomed and clipped and have their feet handled daily but I have seen two year olds who were only halter broken that came around quickly. Trailering is easy, just load the mare and the foal will follow or vice versa. Always leave foal loose in a box stall with the mare when trailering.

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    Ok thanks!

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