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    Default Charitable Gift Giving?

    These past couple years have made me realise how lucky all of us are that are able to ride, own horses, etc. Rather than the standard giftcards, etc. this year I would love to make donations to different charities in the name of others. Looking for ideas on how to do this/names of reputable charities to look into.

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    Oct. 24, 2010


    JustWorld International. I'm an ambassador and it's a fantastic organization!
    "Many are riders; many are craftsmen; but few are artists on horseback."
    ~George Morris

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    Waaaaay back Slaughter Holler


    Heifer International is great!

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    Feb. 22, 2007


    Another vote for Heifer International. For more horse-specific ones, a donation to a well-respected local rescue would be a good idea. One of my clients two years ago gave a gift in my name to an international charity that works to help animals in the tourist industry (like donkeys that carry tourists to the Pyramids in Egypt or whatever), but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it and all the stuff I got from them is packed up thanks to our recent move. Googling didn't bring up anything familiar. I thought it was a really good charity that focused on providing veterinary services and education rather than blaming (usually poor) owners.

    I've had a couple of clients donate in my name and I think it's really nice. I'd rather have that than a generic bottle of wine or whatever. Usually larger charities have a welcome-type packet or a "membership" package so the gift recipient will get the welcome stuff and maybe a monthly newsletter for a year or something like that. My clients just gave me an envelope with the thank-you letter from the charity and all that in it as well as a nice card from the client.

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    I'll second just world.
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