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    Well, this thread changed before I could post. The show "Barking mad" has a few episodes on this specific subject (husband's dog aggresive toward new wife/girlfriend).
    I liked the hosts approach (not a fan of Ceasar, nice guy, too strong). Host said the heirarchy in house was husband, dog, wife. Her suggestions basically moved the wife up the heirarchy. Wife took total care of dog, ate food from dog's bowl first then gave dog the bowl etc. It was funny seeing the wife get alpha-mare training. Anyway it appeared to google for those shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia73 View Post
    If y'all have never lost your temper at a dog that trashed your house and bit at you, I am suprised. I have lost my temper on my dog, who neither cowers or fears me. I don't feel particularly bad about it, as it corrected a few issues.

    Also, have any of y'all tried to rehome dogs in this economy? I get rid of my problem dog because a no-kill rescue had pawned a cat off on me a few years ago and boxers are desirable in our area. It's not a quick and easy process. Nor would I rehome a dog or deal with someone openly critical of me.

    She's in a bad situation. Nobody wants to take a dog that messes in the house and bites to the pound. Not everyone wants to be a financial and time slave to a dog they don't like.
    The OP hasn't tried to rehome the dog. It SOUNDS, actually, like the boyfriend is willing to do it but the OP has said no because she 'doesn't want to be the bad guy.' Frankly I have a lot more sympathy for HIM. The bf's father also sounds like he would consider taking the dog.

    And anyone who crates a cross between two high-energy breeds for 21 hours a day deserves what they get. The dog's at minimum stir-crazy. I've lost my temper with my dogs once or twice (not over messing in the house--Puff is old and if he pees it's because I ignored his signal that he needs to go out. My fault, not his.) If locking the dog in its "den" so it can't burn off any energy and can't void for 21 hours is the 'solution', get rid of the dog or tell the vet it bites and you want it put down. If you're REALLY vindictive, pay whatever the surrender fee is and let the county shelter take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodlebug1 View Post
    OMG. Get rid of that dog now. Saturday Night Live was much more polite than I could ever be about your post.

    With that attitude, you are just not a dog person. Not at all. There is no chance of fixing this, please let the dog have a chance at life somewhere else, or Euth.

    I hope you are better with your proposed kids than you are with other species because your attitude really, really sucks.

    This is the saddest post I have read in a long time.
    True. No where have I read that OP even took the dog to a Vet to rule out a urinary tract infection, or to see if the dog is old enough it might also have incontinence that would respond to the drug Proin, in addition to the obvious fear related peeing. Sigh...poor little dog...definitely needs to be rehomed or euth'd if the cause is not medical and treatable.

    I agree that OP should think long and hard about having kids. If she and her fiancee are too busy to take proper care of dogs, how in hell would they/who would be taking care of children?
    RIP Sasha, best dog ever, pictured shortly before she died, Death either by euthanasia or natural causes is only the end of the animal inhabiting its body; I believe the spirit lives on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auventera Two View Post
    Then you recognize and accept that there is a problem and you get the dog the proper training and socialization that is needed. And if you cannot or will not, then you rehome the dog. Period.


    Crating a very high energy JRT/Beagle mix for 21 hours a day, for starters.

    Scolding a dog to the point she submissively cowers and wets.

    Denying the dog socialization and training which is necessary to secure her a positive, productive member within the pack.

    I don't believe that anyone here wants to live in a house full of dog crap and pee. But unlike you, when we have that issue, we take the steps necessary to get the dog the training required. We set the dog up for success, reward good behavior, and provide boundaries that help prevent the undesired behavior.

    You have added pack members and not taken the initiative to work through the inevitable issues. You have denied the dog any kind of socialization and exercise. You have resorted to anger and punishment when the dog behaves inappropriately. You have redirected all your life's troubles and projected them onto this dog. The dog is "ruining your relationship?" Oh please. No one can ruin your own life except for YOU. You are honestly going to lay all the blame on a little 20 pound dog for "ruining your life?" That is insane.

    What would "I" do? Exactly the opposite of everything YOU have done.

    I will outline it for you:

    1. EXERCISE. Walks, frisbee, bike rides, runs, obstacles, more walks.

    2. Controlled and supervised access to the house. On a leash, tied to your belt ALWAYS until the soiling behavior is eliminated.

    3. Lavish rewards for eliminating where you want the dog to eliminate - outside. Yummy liver or bacon and "Goooood girl!!!" then lots of pats and belly rubs for eliminating appropriately.

    4. Inappropriate elimination won't happen if the dog is leashed at ALL times. But if it does, you ignore it, clean it up, and vow to do YOUR job better next time.

    Do you honestly thing that poor little pup is going to come to you and ask to go outside when you regularly literally scare the piss out of the dog? Seriously? If you are this angry and hateful on the internet with regard to the dog, I can only imagine how you actually behave with the dog. The dog is probably scared out of her mind of you! Biting you - cowering - submissive wetting - inappropriate elimination. The poor thing is scared out of her mind.

    5. Proper socialization and play time with the other dogs.

    6. Structure, schedule, crated for only a few hours at a time.

    7. More EXERCISE. Playing, frisbee, walks, runs, interaction with the other dogs in the yard.

    8. Enlist the help of a behaviorist to address the biting issue. (FYI - my hound bit me when he was a pup - actually he attacked me over a pig ear. I immediately got the help of a behaviorist because I knew this could NOT happen again. )

    9. Rinse, repeat. Over and over again.

    When you have a baby and the toddler is soiling her clothes instead of using the big potty, are you going to yell at her and throw her in her room for 21 hours and tell her what a horrible little rat she is, and you wish she'd just die so she'd quit ruining your life? This is what you're doing to the dog. People who abuse animals usually abuse the people in their lives as well.
    This is the best post on this topic thread! Especially point 4 and the last paragraph. I feel sorry for the dog.

    ETA I just found this older thread. OP is indeed just 23:
    Last edited by sdlbredfan; Nov. 24, 2011 at 03:02 PM. Reason: content
    RIP Sasha, best dog ever, pictured shortly before she died, Death either by euthanasia or natural causes is only the end of the animal inhabiting its body; I believe the spirit lives on.

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    Jun. 7, 2008
    now in KCMO, and plan to stay there


    Quote Originally Posted by threedogpack View Post
    Bounceback, where are you located and can you get this dog to me?
    Bless your heart, now that is a helpful idea!
    RIP Sasha, best dog ever, pictured shortly before she died, Death either by euthanasia or natural causes is only the end of the animal inhabiting its body; I believe the spirit lives on.

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    I think someone else had the right idea. Take GSD and move out. The BF doesn't sound like a great catch, in fact he sounds like a miserable future esp. if you have kids. He's basically one more big kid. Let him figure it all out. IT's his dog and it sounds like he created the monster to begin with by not training her at ALL.
    Every mighty oak was once a nut that stood its ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alibi_18 View Post
    Does this explanation make it more correct to be neglectful and abusive towards a dog?

    People are stupid and don't want to take their responsibilities.
    Unable to be rehomed? Euthanized.

    This is cruelty.
    All I did was agree w/ Magnolia73 and her assertion that good homes are in short supply right now.

    Times are tough and folks are dumping dogs left and right. Adoptions are down, it's hard to find REALLY NICE dogs a home.

    How in the world do you jump to the conclusion that I am condoning how the OP treats her dog(s)?

    The fact that it is difficult to re-home a dog in this economic climate has NOTHING to do with the fact that cruelty is STILL cruelty, and neglect is still neglect!

    Sheesh! Don't put words in my mouth.
    Proud Native Texan!
    owned by 3 Cardigan Corgi's + 3 wonderful horses!

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