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    Default Recovering my balance for riding

    Last winter it seemed that all my lessons ended in tears of frustration. My riding was on a downward spiral and both my wonderful instructor and I were baffled by it. I could not seem to tell where my body was or what it was doing. This was more than the normal 'possessed' hand or leg that we all experience. When I noticed hearing loss in my left ear and began to get dizzy spells, I went to the doctor. An MRI revealed that I had a benign brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma. Suddenly it all made sense. On one level I was relieved to have it all explained but now came the hard part of dealing with killing the tumor then regaining as much as possible, the balance I had lost. I elected to have intense radiation therapy called CyberKnife surgery to kill the tumor. That was a week ago and I am now dealing with the side effects of the treatment...dizzyness, nausea,tinnitus. I walk like a drunken sailor. Since my diagnosis I have only been able to ride at the walk. My teacher has been very encouraging and helpful making up interesting exercises to challenge me....shoulder in to travers, leg yield head to wall, renvers on a circle etc...In a few weeks I will be 'cleared' to return to driving a car and riding. I have vestibular rehab exercises to do and I know that will help. I am anxious to do whatever I can to regain my balance and pursue my dressage goals. Anyone know of someone who has had a similar challenge? Any thoughts on exercises that might be helpful?

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    try posting in the disabilities forum.
    otherwise, just be really careful, keep your eyes on some sort of horizon and wait for the rest of your brain to take over what you might have ( hopefully temporarily) lost.
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    Gymballs are great for balance. You can get them anywhere, but you can get some riding specific exercises here
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