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    Default Any other sibes out there? (and a rescue story)

    I recently rescued a siberian from our local animal shelter 2 weeks ago today. He was a stray that no one had claimed, and I snatched him up before someone took him to kick off a backyard breeding program and/or chain him..
    The vet guessed him at about 3ish. His whole mouth and throat was chemically burned, so we've been nursing him with a liquid diet, antibiotics, pain meds, the whole nine yards. He's almost healed except for a spot on his tongue which is still sore. Once he's completely healed, he's off to be neutered.
    I've been doing research on siberians and malamutes for awhile, talked to multiple breeders, etc., so I'm fairly well prepared, I hope.
    He's obviously had some training, he knows sit and down, (although he likes to sit on your feet and facing forward.. it's a little odd, but he's catching on to sitting on my left side quickly) very well housetrained, and has as much leash manners as you can expect from a siberian that's been wandering around with no training in who knows how long.
    We'll be starting obedience classes in January, I'm pretty excited. He actually catches on pretty dang quick with the clicker and LOTS of food (liver and cheese, yum!) and verbal praise.
    I'm thinking we'll focus on Rally and if I'm brave, obedience. Possibly some agility down the road. That's all long term goals, of course. Right now I'm just glad to see him happily bouncing around.
    So, any other siberians out there? Any malamutes? Anyone tackled the obedience ring or agility with one?

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    I don't currently have a Siberian, but they were my parents dog of choice growing up, so I've had one around all of my life pretty much. The last one was put down about 5 years ago.

    They are fun dogs. All of ours would sit on your feet if you let them and most all were well-mannered except for the last one. My parents bought him on a whim and even though they visited the breeder a few times, they didn't really investigate her and her breeding program left some things to be desired. D had behavioural issues, but I worked with him to get him through them. The trouble then was that he would only behave for When my mom would ask or tell him to do things, he would bark at her and refuse. The only one that was a major problem was when he decided that he would only eat mashed potatoes. The vet finally suggested that we get another dog for competition and that worked, D went back to eating dog food.
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    Default Siberians

    Hi LilyPony,

    I currently own a sibe, and prior to him, owned my beloved Jenna for 15 years. Kudos to you for taking on a rescue from your local shelter!! I hope your boy heals completely and has no lasting ill effects from his ordeal.

    My first Sibe, Jenna, I aquired when she was about 7 months old...and let me tell you, the first 3 years (yes, YEARS!) had me pulling my hair out, crying, laughing, and every other emotion in between. Jenna had an incredibly strong prey drive, she was a PITA to house break, and she was the canine equivalent of Houdini. Her saving grace in the early years was her unbelievable charm, and her lopsided doggy smile.

    Once we got over the 'years from hell" she eventually matured into an amazing family dog, companion, and doggy furniture. She had the sweetest personality, and had the patience of a saint when my oldest son was growing up..he would sit on her, climb in her crate, up end her water bowl on her head, help himself to her kibble (whilst she was trying to eat it) and do every other thing a drooling toddler could do to a dog. Not ONCE did she so much as raise a lip, she just sighed and resigned herself to her fate.

    As for obedience, dont let it frighten you!! I took Jenna to three levels of obedience, and she reached a level of CDX. It took lots of hard work and reams of praise, but it CAN be done!! I had many people tell me that Sibes were not the "ideal" obedience dog...well, Jenna proved them wrong.

    My current Sibe, Teeko, a seven year old altered tri-colour (black/white/silver), I aquired at a year old. He was a rescue too...I took him from a home where he was destined to be bred back to his mother, by a quasi puppy mill back yard breeder. He came with his own interesting set of issues...but happily, he has become a loving, stable and obedient member of our family. He has major digestive tract issues, which at times had me considering putting him down, but, for the mean time, he is hale, happy and extremely furry!!

    Both my Sibes were raised with cats, kids, and numerous other furry four legged friends. While I would never leave them alone with the rabbits, they both grew tolerant of the bunnies hopping all over them and stealing their food...

    Would I take on another Sibe?? Most definitely!! You are in for an incredibly fun, sometimes frustrating and always rewarding journey! Have fun with your boy!!

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