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    Default Joint supp for the mildly arthritic

    Hi there!

    I'm new to the board and have a question re-supplements and arthritis.

    I recently have had x-rays done on my 14 yr old hanno/tb/paint/draft mare which revealed some minor arthritis in her front right fetlock as well as some minor navicular changes (though I am very hesitant to use that term as what the vet found was nothing out of the ordinary for a mare her age) as well as side bone (told not uncommon in the draft breeds).

    I was given a couple of options, one of them being Adequan. This however is going to cost me close to $600 for the loading month and I also am worried that I will have nothing to "go to" if I put her directly on to the Adequan.

    I just recently put her on Corta-Flx (without HA in it) but have been looking into trying Lubrisyn on her to see if the liquid HA would be of any benefit to her as everything is so minor.

    Has anyone had an experiance with either or both? Or other recommendations in terms of supplements to try??


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    Most glucosamine suppliments wont cause an unsound horse to become sound,generally oral is for preventive maintenance. However, saying that there are some horses that display minor uncomfort that do very well with them. I have used Recovery, Pureform Gluscoamine and Corta-Flx before.

    Im not sure why, but I have actually experienced the best results with Pureform. I had him on CortaFlx with no results. However, I sold that horse and never did use the Recovery on him.

    One of my current horses is in Recovery. He was on Pureform until I ran out. I dont notice a difference in him between the two. I guess each horse is going to respond differntly to different products.

    I like Adequan for the older ones. I give a combination of Adequan and a neutraceutical - why wait for him to become more lame? The Adequan may prevent that from happening if you use it sooner rather than later.

    I would go for the adequan and save an NSAID such as previcox for when he does become more lame.

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    I have liked the Corta-Flx HA as a glucosamine/chondroitin/HA supplement as well as a product called Vetri-HA that is just HA. I use them in conjunction with Adequan and Legend on my guy, who is a '95 model with some arthritis. Obviously the injectable medications work better than the oral ones, but my experience has been that the oral medications complement the injections and I was able to reduce the frequency of the Adequan/Legend doses and still keep him comfortable. In horses with minor changes I've used just an oral HA supplement and that worked well, but for a getting-older horse with joint issues in consistent work, I do think that the expense of the injections is worth it.
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    I would go for the Adequan and use an oral supp for upkeep. I did a loading dose of Adequan on my 15 year old and put him on Cosequin ASU as well. I wasn't so sure at first, but the change has been phenomenal! I don't consider it overkill or like you're knocking out a last ditch effort by turning to Adequan first. I consider it totally worth the money.
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    I have an older horse, Skip, that is arthritic. I bought him when he was 12 and knew from the PPE that he had an arthritic left hock. From age 12 to 16, he was on Cosequin, but at 16 he seemed to need something more. He was swapping off the left lead all the time -- even on a circle. I put him on Lubrisyn, and it was fantastic. He was better than he'd ever been while on the Cosequin. After a couple of years, I couldn't afford the steep cost and found the thread "Cheaper Alternative to Hyaluronix." (Hyaluronix is basically the same thing as Lubrisyn). Do a search to see if that thread is still out there. There have been follow-up threads as well. Read what the others had to say about Flex Force. Because of that thread, I started using Flex Force HA made by the manufacturers of CortaFlx. Honestly, I think it's even better than the Lubrisyn. Horse is now 22 years old and is still doing great. He's never had his hocks injected or had any of the other injectables like Adequan or Legend. I'm not saying anything bad about those products -- just never felt like I needed them for this horse. Note that Skip is not a high performance horse. After age 16, he moved back down to 2'6" courses. Today, he jumps small fences on occasion with my daughter and is not in a regular jumping program. However, it is clear that he does better when he gets 100 mg HA than when he gets 75 mg.

    You might consider trying Flex Force for a month and see how it goes for you. I noticed the difference in Skip within the first 5 days. Compared to the alternatives (Adequan, Lubrisyn, etc), it is a relatively small investment. If it works for your horse, then stick with it until your horse shows signs of needing something more. I buy my Flex Force from Valley Vet.

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    My boarder's very senior pony gets SmartPak Senior Flex. I decided to give it a try for my very ouchy retired QH (retired due to a pasture accident). He's completely pasture sound now. That's the only change I've made. He used to come in gimpy 3 days out of 7. Now, he's cantering around the pasture again. I haven't had to give him bute for months.

    I'm believer!

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    I have also seen a positive change in my oldster on Smartpak Senior Flex pellets. I am not really a big believer in the oral supplements (except msm) but I think that the SSF actually might do something.

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