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    I ride on the A show circuit, but one of my best friends does AQHA stuff. I remember her telling me that at some big show (might have actually been Congress or Youth Worlds) that the judging was really bad. She showed me a video, and the horses that won the class were the same that would have won at an A show (good movers, big stride, etc.) She was all, "They pinned all of the horses that were trotting fast and didn't have their heads down in the 'QH headset.' That's not how you pin a HUS class." I tried to explain to her the way a USEF class would be placed and showed her a video from an A show. She was so confused... But at least some judges are getting away from using the peanut rollers.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MeanderCreek:
    Watch Ashleys Bo Doc go sometime THEN, after seeing horses like that go, form an opinion. The clips posted on this thread are not the great ones, they are pretty average weekend level horses IMO and not representative of the ideal AQHA HUS horse. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    ASHLEYS BO DOC!!! I only got to see him at the 2002 World Show, but Wow! Perfect in HUS, scopey and round in Working Hunter, all with a great attitude. He would be awesome in any venue. What a nice horse. Can someone with more computer skill than I have post the win photos of him from the AQHA 2002 World show website so others can see him?
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    Sorry, no real computer skills here, but he's a stunning Pleasure Driving horse as well. I don't think anyone could say he's on his forehand or that he doesn't move from behind - every time I've seen him (in the HUS, WH & PD) he was at least tracking up and often overtracking - EVEN IN THE CART! Those with so much more experience than I may disagree, but I find it more difficult to get a horse really moving well in harness than undersaddle. That horse just always moves well and sets the standard by which QHs should be judged IMO.

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