My usual suppliers have come up a little short. With the 4 horses I have now I should be fine over the winter but there is a 50/50 chance I'm adding 2 boarders in the next month or two, so I'd like to play it safe and make sure I'm all stocked up.

What I'm looking for:

2nd cutting orchard grass, heavy bales, green, delicious

1st cutting mixed hay, clean, high quality

Timothy, any cutting, just high quality

Alfalfa, again, high quality...clean

Mixed grass round bales

So any of these are acceptable, I'd just like to have SOMETHING on hand in case these boarders come. I'm not overly picky about what type of hay it is as long as it's quality and palatable.

Please PM me if you know of a supplier!

Oh, I'm in Schwenksville PA (zip 19473) and can pick up. Will travel up to an hour (maybe more) if the price is right and quality is high.

Thanks everyone!