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    Default Forever Morgans ignoring Foster <correction, foster was an adopter> Update #5

    Here they go again. I updated the original thread, but here is the background thread:

    Pages 23 and 24

    Today, foster gave permission to post the following correspondence:

    Yes you may share my email. We were actually fortunate to place the mare with some very nice people who fell in love with her on sight. She has a lovel home on 35 acres with another gelding who appears to be a flaxen chestnut morgan. Rusty is already the head mare. I still have the foal to place.

    here is the email:

    I have had the mare since late last Sept. She foal in late July so she had to have been bred before she got here. I asked for help in June because I was getting no money from workmans comp. They sent $200.00 to my hay guy directly. Like I would use the money for anything other than what it was intended for. I finally sent Virginia Westfall a message about 6 weeks back asking her to call me. She finally called me and we discussed getting mare and foal out of here asap. Saw nothing for a couple of weeks, sent another message got no response. Sent another message after a week and got a response asking for information they should have already had from when she was rescued. I sent the info and some pics of mare and foal. Still nothing showed up any where about this mare and foal needing to be rehomed. Then I sent an email to the group and it still took over a week before anything showed up and that was just what is on the web page. To date I have had no response from anyone on the BOD. Thankfully through a trainer friend we have found a very good home for the mare but nothing for the foal yet. I know there was never a stallion report filled on the mare and the last owner did not own a stallion either. So don't know who Daddy is or where/when mare got bred. I do know she did not get bred here because of the delivery date. I hope this answers your questions, it is probably more than you wanted to know. I can be reached at <edit> if you would like to talk to me.


    I was forwarded this email first:

    "From: edited out<edit> **Note, I edited out the sender's name
    To: Ginny Westfall <>
    Sent: Sat, Nov 12, 2011 11:50 am
    Subject: [ForeverMorgansTwo] FW: Rusty

    I need Rusty and her foal moved asap. My family is moving and I will be here alone without any help. I am putting all my horses up for sale, very cheap. I cannot take care of them any longer due to health and lack of income. I have a torn rotator cuff and eposidic blurry vision which means there are times I cannnot drive and can barely find my way around this house let alone feed horses. Unfortunately I cannot sell Rusty or her foal so you need to move them immediately. I have discussed this problem in several emails and a phone call more than a month ago to Ginny Westfall and have seen nothing being done to let people know there was even a problem. I am in desperate straits and need this mare and foal out of here. I have also discussed with Ginny the issues with this mare. I have sent photos. The colt is georgous and very friendly. He has not been taught to lead as I cannot work my horses let alone teach baby anything."

    then right after the Rusty post

    "The six mares with papers (five from AC4H and one from Camelot) are SAFE.

    The Morab gelding is SAFE.

    AND the little chestnut mare from last week that looked so much like a Morgan is safe as well.

    Now...guys...we have a HUGE task ahead of us - first, the board is arranging shipping, QT, transport, Foster and adoption on these. We also have several great Morgans and grade Morgans in foster and need to find homes for them. We will be putting out an updated list of these very soon. PLEASE consider opening your barns up for one of these horses in foster care. We have a variety of them - in size and skill and age, and all need a place to call home. We also have a mare and foal that need to be rehomed ASAP.



    To: vblosswestfall<edit>
    Subject: Rusty
    Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 13:52:50 -0700


    I answer all the questions on the email you sent me except for Rusty's registration number

    Rusty Sunshine

    I was contacted by my doc's office and they are waiting for an authorization number and then they will schedule me for surgery. I need Rusty to be out of here before my surgery as I will not be able to feed horses myself or observe for over a month after surgery. Right now I'm doing Rusty's feedings because the kids are affraid to feed. They will be doing all the feeding after my surgery. I have seen no evidence that you have evan started looking for a home for her. If you are not going to do anything then I will have to find a way to get her out of here ASAP. She is not on the website as needing a home/foster nor have I seen any email. Pleasse let me know what, if anything, has been done.
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    LOL, maybe the "Forever" in their name means "once we manage to dump it on you, it's Forever".

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    Maybe so...anyone interested in a morgan/unknown cross foal...not sure of her location...I'll find out if anyone is interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coanteen View Post
    LOL, maybe the "Forever" in their name means "once we manage to dump it on you, it's Forever".
    Every mighty oak was once a nut that stood its ground.

    Proud Closet Canterer! Member Riders with Fibromyalgia clique.

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    I'm the first to admit when I get something wrong. And I did. I was misled about the status of the "horse foster". It turns out she had adopted the mare. She wants $500 for the foal. From what I know about equine law, technically, the foal still belongs to Forever Morgans.

    I wish the adopter luck. $500 for an oopsie foal in this market?

    My apologies to FM. This time.

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